The Dancing BFFs

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Chapter 1: Born to Dance


Brittany pulled out her chair and sat down with her 2 BFFs for what seemed like forever.

“Hey Matooshkie!” said Julia.

“Hey man we were just talking about this mermaid documentary… THEYRE REAL.” Charlotte said.

“Hey!! And cool!” Brittany said while laughing.

“Guys I actually really want to do this hip pop dance thing!” Brittany said.

“Me too! I love it so much and I actually think we are really good!” said Charlotte excitedly.

“Let’s do this!!” Julia yelled with determination in her voice.


All three girls sat in Julia’s bedroom while she packed.

“Wow… I can’t believe it was just 4 years ago that we decided to dance, and were on our way to North Carolina TOMORROW, for one of the biggest dance competitions IN THE WORLD!!” said Brittany.

“And I can’t believe Julia waited until the day before to pack!” Charlotte said jokingly.

“Shut up!” Julia said kidding around.

“I’m just kidding girl…!!” Charlotte said.

“I know.” Julia laughed.

“But Brittany, you’re so right! Guys this is crazy!! Celebs might be there watching!! In fact guys… I read on twitter that your old obsessions Nash and Cameron are going to be there…” Julia laughed.

“Oh my gosh, Charlotte… remember that!!” Brittany yelled.

“WE ARE SO GOING TO WIN THIS THING!!” Charlotte exclaimed.

These girls were going to be participating in one of the biggest hip pop dance competitions in the world; “Hip to the Pop” which was taking place in Greensboro, North Carolina this year. 3 years of experience was all they needed to rock the stage; and they did a great job of it. In fact, they were on the best dance team in Ontario; “Canadians Can Dance Team”. They were even offered to move on further but they wanted to stay close to home.

They were all 18 years old now. Brittany and Julia turned 18 in February, and Charlotte just turned 18 last July. And so surprisingly their parents allowed them to go to North Carolina without them, and just with their dance team… and a security guard for just them 3 who lives in North Carolina.

The girls had a huge decision to make, did they want to stay in North Carolina after their dance competition and stay there for the rest of the summer with their guard, even when their dance team left… or just leave with their dance team.

Their parents gave them the option because they wanted their children to experience as much as we can while were young and alive; and before the three of the friends had to separate for university.

They were pretty certain they would come home with their dance team, but just in case they packed enough clothes to stay for the summer.

The girls, to be honest found themselves quite un-extraordinary before they started dance. But now with dance, their self-confidence is higher than ever!

Charlotte was absolutely stunning. She had long luscious hair, beautiful eyes and a stunning smile. She loved to dance and she was pro at volleyball. She was beyond ready for this trip and competition of a life time.

Julia was so gorgeous. She had amazing soft ombre hair, she was hilarious and she had a beautiful pair of brownish-greenish eyes. She played guitar, played soccer, and of course she loved to dance.

The only bad thing about her was the terrible boyfriend she was attached to; Derek; he was a jerk… Noone liked him. Not her parents, and especially not Charlotte and Brittany. Brittany and Charlotte tried to get Julia to end it because he treats her like horse shit; but she just wouldn’t do it!

Brittany was pretty too. She had beautiful chocolate brown eyes. She was tall and skinny which she worked hard to be because she didn’t want to be fat anymore like she was when she was 14. (LOL)  She played baseball in the summer and could produce beautiful pieces with just the taps of her fingers on her piano, and she could make a beautiful picture with just a pencil and paper.  But she was more proud of her skills in karate and her talent and passion in dance.

“Well I will see you guys tomorrow!!” yelled Julia as her 2 BFFs got into their cars to drive home.

“Can’t wait!” Charlotte yelled as she sat down in her expensive car.

Tomorrow Charlotte would be picking Brittany, Julia and her boyfriend Derek to meet their dance team in the Toronto airport, and then off to North Carolina.

“Bye guys!! Julia can you do me a favour?” asked Brittany.

“Yeah sure! What is it?”

“Kick your boyfriend in the balls with your Matooshkie foot!” Brittany yelled.

“Brittany you’re so rude!” Julia said trying not to laugh.

“I know. I’m sorry.” Brittany apologized.

Charlotte sat in her car, trying to not let Julia see her laughing.

Those girls still hadn’t changed since they were 14 years old…

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