Im Gonna Kill Him chapter 17

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Chapter 17

The fear rushes down my spine, as we sit in the car in silence. "Hey Ni?" I ask. "Yes babe?" "What we're you thinking about earlier?" He's quiet, he looks out at the road, looking like nervousness rages through his veins. "Nothing..." I smile at his nervous face, it reminds me of when we first started going out, oh how it feels like just yesterday, when it happened, I remember looking up at his eyes ad the blank expression fill his eyes, I couldn't help but laugh at his words, he stuttered so deeply and quiet, my heart faced faster and faster every word he said. I wish it was yesterday. I remember when I had to go, him and I on the couch, crying on his lap not wanting to go, and he sings the words, to me, every word meant something to me, it was our song. Moments.

We get to the airport and I'm quite upset to leave him. Tears well up in my face holding his neck. "Niall?" I say with a sniffle. "Yes babe?" He asks lightly. "You should come with us..." I whisper really quietly. He's quiet, not wanting to leave each other's arms. "I can't. You're only going to record anyways. Right?" "Never mind..." I say and pull away. "See you later Niall." I say and walk away, I feel a bit pissed off. I want to be with him and its like he doesn't want to be with me. "Aw come on Diana! Don't be like that!" He yells trying to catch up  to me. "Diana wait!" He yells, and I stop. "What." I say cold and heartless like, I see pain in his face, making it hard for me not to fall into his arms. "I'm sorry. I have a lot of things to do and think about." "Okay. Well... I understand. I'll see you soon. Come visit me okay?" I say. "Alright my Love." He says And kisses me.

We record our second album for the next month, working hard. Barely getting sleep. Niall comes to visit every few weeks, listening to us record. He left yesterday, and I miss him. My heart  is pounding and my temples feel like they're about to explode. "Okay where's Diana?" I hear James call. "Diana! It's time for you to record!" I hide deeper into the coat closet so he can't see me. "Diana! Come on darling we've got so much to do today let's go!" I hear I writer yelling around. I grab my temples and cover my ears quickly before I hear Nicoles booming voice. "DIANA ROSE MALIK!!" I groan a bit trying to be quiet but Amber hears me. "In the closet!" Shit!!! I cover my face. They remove all the coats from on me to reveal the bright burning light. "Diana lets go." James says. "Help me up please." I say softly as he grabs my arm and jerks me up, making me scream out in pain. "James you have to be gentle with her!" I hear Mia say. She comes over to me and helps me walk to the studio. "Are you okay Diana?" She whispers. "I'm fine. I miss my Nialler but I'm fine." She 'aww's me and hugs me tight.

I keep trailing off while recording and when we get to my big loud solo in one of the songs, I grip the wall as I hold the note and when it finishes, I stumble to the ground. "Diana!" I hear our writer Michael yell, running to help me up. "I'm fine. Just a little headache is all." I whisper. "Are you sure? You don't look fine." "I'm fine!" I yell getting frustrated. "Okay. Well we have one more  of your solos to get through do you think you can make it through?" "Yeah. As long as it's a soft song." "Yeah it's your softest ones." I nod and continue trying so hard to hold it out.

Liam and I become super close, always talking on the phone together, texting, hanging out. Him and I are practically best friends. My phone vibratrs in my back pocket, making it sound like I farted. The girls gigglee at me but I just roll my eyes at the maturity level they're on even when they're girls.

"Heyyy. What are you doooiiinnggg?"

"Hey. Nm jus sittin around with the girls. Wbu?"

"I'm with the guise. It's so boring here. Lol"

"Ya. Ur with Ni?"

"Yahhhh. U want me to tell him to call u?"

"Yes please thanks Liam."

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