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Pen Your Pride

I Miss You chapter 15

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Chapter 15

I bring Niall in, and I say, "Mum! Dad! Niall's here!" I yell, and I hear dad say, "Oh good. Ive been wanting to meet this boy." Dad walks up to Niall and says, "Nice to meet you. I'm Yaser, Diana's father." Niall smiles and says, "Nice to meet you." Mum sees Niall and starts to laugh. "It's good to see you Niall!" She hugs him and kisses him on the cheek. "So you're Zayn's band mate yeah?" Dad asks Niall. "Yeah." Dad laughs and says, "Aren't you a little older than Diana?" "Yeah. I'm 21 and she's 19. So... 2 years older than her." Dad says, "Okay well. Come on in." "Actually, I only came to ask Diana and you guys a question." "Don't tell me you're proposing?" "Haha. No. I was going to ask if Diana could come stay the weekend with me and my family up at our log cabin in Ireland." Dad is thinking. "Well, Tricia? What do you think?" "Well, it's fine with me." She says. "Alright. That's fine." I squeal and hug Niall. "Alright well, I'll be here in 2 days to pick you up so be ready." Niall says. "Alright babe. I love you." "I love you too." His kisses my forehead, hugs me and goes. "Byyyeeeeee!!!" I wave as he goes to his car. He blows me a kiss and I catch it. He giggles and drives off. I walk back inside and sit by mum in the family room. I miss the girls... I think going to cry... I look at mum. "Are you okay Kitten? You look sad" she says softly. I start to sob like a child. "I-I m-miss the g-girls!" I stutter out, then mum brings me to her arms and I sob even harder. "I'm sorry baby." I cry harder, hiccuping. I don't know how long I cried, but when I finally decide to get up and call them. I ring my little innocent Mia.


"I miss you!" I start to cry, and so does she.

"I k-know! I m-miss you g-guys too!" We cry together on the phone for about five minutes, and I say,

"Ok-kay Mia. I'm gonna call Nicole. I miss her too."

"Okay love. I'll see you s-soon. Hopefully."

"Okay. Love you babe."

"Love you too."

I ring my Nicole.

"Hey Diana!"

"H-hi Nicole... I... I miss you so much." I cry more.

"Oh Diana. I miss you too." She's not the crying type... I cry harder, and I hear Nicole softly sing my part and the chorus of our song Stay Strong.

"Hush little baby dont you cry, don't cut your arms don't say goodbye, put down that razor, put down that knife, it may be hard but you'll win this fight, I'll be right here, through thick and thin, have no fear, find strength within. Ooh, I know it's tough, but you need to realize, life is always rough, stay strong my dear, dont worry, I'm right here, don't be in such a hurry. Life is way too short to rush through. Ohhh stay strong my dear."

"Th-thanks N-Nicole."

"Sshh. It's hard I know. I miss you too my Love. But we'll see each other soon. I promise."

"I k-know. I l-love you Nicole."

"I love you too Diana."

I ring Amber next.


"Hi Amber. It's me Diana."

"Oh... hey... I miss you..."

"I know. I miss you too." She sobs, and I do too.

"Please don't leave, it's alot to take in, alot to heave, think of how long we've been, l know it's hard, but don't give up." I sing the chorus of our song Always And Forever.

Amber giggles while she's crying of how funny I sound, my voice keeps cracking.

"I love you Diana. I was just crying because Mia called, crying because she misses me."

"I love you too. I called her as well."

"Okay. I'm tired. I'll call you soon my Love."

"Okay. Well I'll see you soon."

I call Katie.

"Diana! I miss you!!" She wails when she picks up.

"I know darling I know."

"Promise me we'll all meet up soon. P-promise."

"I promise darling." We both cry on the phone, for a long time. Until Katie falls asleep. I know she's sleeping because when she sleeps she snores just a tiny bit. I smile and hang up, and I realize around me everyone is gone to bed  I go upstairs and fall asleep.

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