Finally found you (R5 fanfiction)

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"Beep beep" goes my alarm as I rolled over to turn my alarm of I remembered what day it was today, the day I meet and see R5 in concert. so I quickly jumped in the shower and washed my hair, once I got out of the shower I quickly chucked my Hollister top on and a pair of leggings with some fluffy bedsocks and dried my hair after drying it I put it up in a messy bun "Ally pancakes are ready" my mum shouted. let my quickly tell you about me my name Ally, I am 16 years old, I have long brown hair with blonde dip dye, my hair is naturally wavey, I have brown eyes, im not really that I'm 5ft. I am a dancer and actor, I use to do modelled but I gave that up, I guess that enough about me. "okay mum im coming" I shouted back to my mum *in a deep thought* "I am meeting and seeing R5 in concert, I bet they are going to be taller then me" "morning sweetie, in a deep thought then?" my mum asked "morning mum and yeah sort of, the pancakes smell good" I replied back to my mum as I go to make my self a cup of tea "mum do you want a coffee?" "yes please sweetie your pancakes are on the table" mum replied with "oh and Ally are you excited about seeing R5 today" my mum asked me " yeah mum I am and thanks for the pancakes they were lovely" I said as I finished my pancakes and drank my tea and then ran of upstairs.

Author note

Hey guys this is my first fanfiction so I am sorry if it is crap, I hope you enjoyed reading the first part.

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