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Pen Your Pride

He Cheated?! chapter 14

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Chapter 14

"Thank you all for coming! We're One Direction!" Harry says and points at me, and I say, "and I'm Diana Malik." And Harry says, "Thank you! Goodnight everybody!" We all bow together and the lights go out.

We go backstage again and we rush out of our clothes, and into our pajamas and we run on the bus before it leaves. We all sit around, I sit on Nialls lap and all the boys around us. and we talk about what we did onstage. "That was so fun! It's addictive hearing them cheer for you." I say. "Yeah I know!" Zayn says making us laugh. "So I guess  you're gonna start performing with us the rest of the tour yeh?" Louis asks. "I guess I am." I say. "Sweet!" Niall says. "Yeah I know. We've got quite some time to perform together. I can't wait." I say and all the boys agree. "I think... I think I passed out because of what happened when I was in Hawaii." I say. "What did happen?" Harry asks. "A head trauma causing aphasia causing a cerebral stroke. A blow from one of me and my dad's fights" I say, and its silence. "Do you think that might have caused brain damage then?" Liam asks. "I don't know. I guess it'll happen when I get too tired." I say. My phone rings, and its mum.


"Oh God. Diana are you alright? I'm glad you've reached close to home."

"Yeah. Wait are we that close to the UK?"

"Yeah. We're going back to London." Zayn says.

"Okay well, were on our way to London. Did... did you hear about my dad?"

"Yes. I did."

"Don't be scared mum. He won't find us. I promise"

"I know Diana. But you can't help but worry I mean it's-"

"Mum." I cut her off. "We'll be fine." She's quiet.

"Alright. Oh goodness my food is gonna burn. I'll see you soon Diana."

"Alright mum goodnight."

"Goodnight Kitten. I love you."

"Alright love you too."



I look at Niall and smile. He smiles in return. I think we'll be safe...

The next 4 months we go around, touring the world, together. Not a day goes by without me being with Niall. The fans are starting to like me and accept me, which makes me quite happy. Tomorrow is gonna be me and Niall's 10 month anniversary!! Yaayyyy. He's got something planned, and I hope it's something plain. But knowing Niall, he's gonna wanna make it big. "Where's Diana?! Diana!! Lou and Caroline are waiting!!! You need to get ready!!" Paul calls. I stay in the closet hiding, because I don't want to get ready. The door flies open. "Ah shit!!" I yell, and Paul picks me up and brings me to Lou and Caroline. I sit on the chair and Lou does my hair and make up, then I get into my clothes. I walk to the front of backstage where the boys are. "Where the hell were you?" Niall asks and kisses me. "Nunya." I say. "What the fuck?" He says. "Nunya business!!" I yell and laugh. We go onstage, and we begin with Little White Lies, then we go on and on, until the end, What Makes You Beautiful. Niall stands by me and sings to me the whole song, smiling, and at the end, when they lat out confetti everywhere, Niall dips me and kisses me. When we kiss, I hear a fan yell, "Diana you're a bitch!!!" Niall looks up at them and I run off crying, still not used to the hate. I hear Niall about to yell "Hey you're a bitch!!" But I guess something stopped him. I run backstage, and I go back info the closet and sob. "Diana? What's wrong?" I hear Paul say from the door. "Go away!" I yell and continue to sob. I pull my knees to my chest and bury my face in my arms. "Diana." It's Niall. He opens the door, and holds me. "They're just stupid little-" "Niall." I say. "What?" "Don't call them that. They're your fans." I say as I cry. He hold me face with his hands and says, "I know. But no one calls my princess any names. Ever." He wipes away my tears and kisses me.

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