The Tour chapter 13

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Chapter 13

I open my eyes, and the pain makes me close them again. "Diana?" I hear a soft voice. I open my eyes and its Niall. "Oh God. Are you alright?" He says. "What happened?" I ask. "Well, you passed out before the show, and we didn't know what it was. The doctor said they don't even know what it was either. They said it just needs to run its course." "Oh... how long was I out?" "You passed out last night." "Oh... okay. Can you come and lay by me. Please?" He gently lays down, and hold me in his arms. I go back to sleep.

A few days later I feel much better, so I'm back to playing around with the boys. Niall is usually busy so I'm always alone. But when he does get a day off, it's just me and him. Today's his day off, so we decide to just stay on the bus and enjoy each other's company. We start out the day by cuddling in bed. "Niall?" "Yeah?" "What do you like about me?" "Well, you're so beautiful, and even though you've gone through so much, you look at everything in a good way. You always have a happy spirit, always smiling, just living a care free life, living life at its fullest. And your responsible, which I look for a lot in a girl. Plus you don't do anything to impress me. You be yourself, and if I didn't like that, it really wouldn't have mattered to you. And I love that about you. You just be yourself, without trying to be all goodie like most girls do. What do you love about me?" "You're fucking sexy." "That's it?" He says laughing. "No I'm just kidding. You're sexy, but your also... like your so funny and you're really sweet, I melt when you sing, and you just be you, not a care in the world. It's like... you find everything absolutely amazing." He's quiet. I giggle and kiss him. "I love you baby. Everything about you. It would take ages for me to name everything I love about you." I say. He smiles. "I love you too." I kiss him again. "I really missed you. I thought about you non-stop, missing you so much." He says. "Yeah I know. Can you believe it will be 6 months on Sunday?" I say. "Yeah I know. It's Friday right?" "Yeah. Shall we do something? Or..." "I've got something planned." "Awww." He snorts.

We fly to all different places, I don't even know where we are. I open my eyes, and Niall isn't by me anymore. I roll over, and I walk around. No one is there. "Niall?" I call. Silence. I open the bus door, and there's a bunch of girls out there, and Niall is standing by them smiling. He shouts, "1...2...3!" Then all the girls say, "Happy 6 months Diana and Niall!!!" I cover my mouth. I look at Niall and he carries me bridal style to a big building, that almost looks a hotel. We go in, and it is. We go into a room and there's balloons and flowers everywhere. There's rose pedals all over the floor, candles on the coffee table, desk, tv stand, counter, bed stand. There's a cart in the middle of the room with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He opens the bottle, and pores some. He hands me a glass, and I sit down on the bed. We sit and talk, and pretty soon we've finished the bottle and we're drunk as fuck. "Oh God Niall. Look what time it is. I show him my phone, and its 12 am. "Oh well I guess I better go to the bus or something." He says. "Alright..." we get up and I walk him to the door. "Alright goodnight Niall." "Good night Diana. I love you." "I love you too baby." He kisses me and I close the door. Go back to the bed, then someone knocks on the door. I open it, and its Niall. He picks me up, and throws me on the bed.

Where am I? I open my eyes, and I see Niall. Did we really just do that? He wakes up. "Good morning." He whispers. "Good morning Niall." He smiles and says, "That was... incredible." "Yeah... I know..." "I've got a gig tonight, so I've got to go prepare." "Alright." He gets up and puts his clothes on. His phone rings. "Can you get that for me?" He asks. I answer.


"Diana? Where's Niall." It's Zayn.

"Right here."

"Let me speak to him please."

"He's busy."

"Alright well we're coming to pick you guys up in about 15 minutes. Alright?"

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