Superstar (Ignore this)

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"He's a superstar, I can never reach him."

          This girl, Jacyline, is a fan of a superstar. She has memorized his looks, and his voice for she was mesmerized by it for so long. She knows his schedule for she checks on him from time to time. She knows everything about him. Even his favorite food, his favorite color, even the number of his exes. But he doesn't even know her. He doesn't even know that there is this girl that adores her so much, and that's the hardest part of being a fan.           

          She cares for him. Yes, he feels that and appreciates that, but he doesn't even know it's her. There are lots of people who adore him, of course he won't notice her. Unless she does something crazy like jumping on their stage while their performing, but of course she won't do that. She is that shy.           

          She can't stand having people's attention. She doesn't want to stand in front of a crowd. She loves playing music, she loves singing songs, but she hates showing it to people. She easily jumps to these conclusions that, 'people won't like me,' or 'my voice is too ugly for them.' She fears people's side comments and reactions about her.           

         This boy is so near yet so far. She can reach him with her ability to sing and play, yes, but can she? With her personality and fear, can she really reach him? Or say, will this superstar ever notice her?

Warning: This is poorly written - for I am a beginner. So this is going to be; read at your own risk, guys. :))

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