Chapter 2: A wise day to enjoy

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Chapter 2:

Albertus's pov

After my strange encounter, I got back on my skateboard, and only arrived at school five minutes through the opening assembly.

By the tenth performance of the "participation band" (the school band of terrible people with no talent that did not make the concert band,) I was fast asleep. I woke up to discover that I was the only one in the room. Damn!! Late on the first day!!! I checked my schedule. My teacher is someone named ms. Cantrello! Maybe, if I put my hood up she won't notice me. I walked into my history class, not making eye contact with anyone, and took the window seat next to some emo guy who had to be a sixth grader.

"Get your skateboard out of the room!! Skateboards are evil!!!" My history teacher, who was wearing a monocle and and purple, zebra printed jumpsuit, screamed.

Oh CRAP!!! That creep who tripped me earlier is my history teacher! I am going to die! Nooooooooo.

"Dude what's wrong, you look like you've seen a ghost," the emo beside me said.

I didn't even bother answering. During the whole class, I furiously doodled stars, hearts, and rainbows in my planner. The great thing, is that no one noticed since it was such a big class, except the guy next to me, who replied by drawing doodles of his own. After class, my history teacher pulled me into the janitors closet.

"Albertuuuus" she whispered, "do you realize that your unicorn skateboard enables you to travel in space and time. It is the legendary skateboard. Many will come after you searching for it. Namely, the evil sorcerer, Ted. You must use your skateboard wisely. Until later. Al." She said creepily before running out of the rooms in her high heels.

What the fuck just happened. I thought to myself. I mean seriously, magical space-time unicorn skateboard. Is she high or something?

I decided to ignore her warning to beware evil sorcerers coming after my skateboard. Is this some early April fools day prank or whatever? Judging by her cloths alone, she's probably a wacko. I'll just ignore her! I thought to myself gleefully.

I looked at my schedule again. Yay I have math, my fav subject! I hopped on my skateboard and skateboarded down the hallway, earning some dirty looks from a bunch of seniors. Who cares, skateboarding is fun!! ;) Suddenly, the world went dark. When I came to, I was staring into the face of a person who looked exactly like me.

"Hi! I'm that evil sorcerer that your teacher told you to beware of. Sucks for you. Now I have your face. Muahahahaha. Using your skateboard, I shall take over the world. You on the other hand, shall be asleep in a coffin."

"Help!! Some evil sorcerer named Ted has my face and has come to kidnap me and take my skateboard!!" I screamed at no one in particular.

"My planet, Planet Rain, has sent me hear to find all five skateboards, and using your identity, no one will be able to tell that I am not you. So long, loser. Muahahaha."

Ted said all of this while still keeping a straight face. Man, this kid had skills.

I lost consciousness. The last thing I saw was my own face leaning over me, distorted into a wide grin.

Ted's pov

I am just too awesome! I thought to myself with glee. I managed to break into planet earth, copy albertus's face, steal his skateboard, knock him unconscience, learn English, study the earthen culture, and win the best of the young sorcerers award cuz im just that awesome. I'm also just fifteen. I did all of this in just one week. I think this calls for a, no two selfies. I took out Albertus's iPhone that I copied using my awesome sorcerer magic, and remembering the exact instructions of the earthen culture book, turned on the selfie camera, lifted my arms, struck a pose, and snapped some selfies. I shall add text and maybe send them to my nonexistent friends later. I am now what eartheners call "cool." Yeah, this will be fun. Can't wait to steal all five skateboards.

After creating a portal, and dumping the unicorn skateboard and the coffin containing Albertus in it back to my homeland, I decided I must go "home" to ensure I owned the stuff my guide to earthen culture called "swag."

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