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Trinity Pov ~3 months later~

Me and August been hanging out a lot more than before,but all we do is have sex.I asked him what we were and he said he ain't ready for a relationship.That was 2 months ago.Now he go out with this girl Makayla.Like if you ain't want me then just say so,don't lie to me.That pissed me off.All the feelings I had for him are gone...I think.They been having issues so he always running to me for angry sex.I hate sleeping with him while they go out but it's hard to say no.Every time I say something about it,he just kisses me and we end up fucking.I feel like a hoe.So today,I decided to have a me day.Wanda and Terry gone so it's just me.Sadly,they ain't dead.They just went out of town.Since today is a me day,I turned off my phone,packed a bag full of clothes for about 3 days,and I'm going to a hotel.I took a quick shower and washed my hair.I think I might get some braids.So anyway,I put on some dark wash jean short shorts,a pink Aeropostale shirt,and white thong sandals.I combed my hair and put it in a low ponytail.I turned my phone on and texted Tamar to tell her what I'm doing so she won't be worried.She said okay and I got my stuff.I put my stuff in the car and drove off to the farthest hotel.I booked the room and it cost $250.Luckily,Wanda dumbass left her card.I went to my room and laid on my bed.Time to catch some shut eye.

August Pov

Me:Makayla I ain't cheating on you now shut the fuck up,Damn.

Makayla:No August!If you cheating then just say it because I don't like being lied to.

Me:Man shut up with all that.You giving me a Damn headache with that damn whining.

Makayla:August you are so damn disrespectful.I can't stand that shit.Matter fact I can't stand you.

Me:Well shit I'm out then.

Makayla:Where you going August?To the bitch Trinity house?Huh?!You going to run to that hoe ain't you?

Me:Aye bruh,you better shut that shit up.She can hear shit from a mile away.She gone come find your ass and fuck yo shit up.

Makayla:Whatever and before you run off to that bitch,think about me.

Me:Why I need to think about you?

Makayla:Because your mine August and I'll kill any bitch who gets in my damn way.

Me:Keep talking Kayla.She gone fuck you up.

I walked out her house and drove to Trinity house.Yes I know she live in the hood.Me,Chris,and Tamar all know,but we don't give a Damn.It's not for us to judge her.It ain't her fault she a foster kid.I didn't see her car so I went to knock on the door.Nobody answered.I got worried so I called her.

Voicemail:Hey it's Trinity sorry I ain't pick up the phone.I'm most likely real busy right now or I just don't want to be bothered.Most likely I don't wanna be bothered.So yeah,leave your name and number and a message and I'll probably call you back,I guess.Bye!

Me:Yo T it's August.Where you at?I need you right now.Kayla pissed me off and I need to let all my stress out and I need somebody to vent to.Yo just call me back.I'm worried about you ma.

I hung up and sighed.Guess I'll just go home for now.As soon as I walked to my room,I was on my bed and fast asleep.I hope Trinity okay.I'll kill a nigga if they hurt her.I may not act like it,but I love that girl.The only reason I ain't wanna be with her is because it's people out there that wanna hurt me.So if they saw me with her,they would know I had some type of feelings for her and they'd take her away from me and I ain't having it.

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