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Pen Your Pride

Sickness Fell chapter 12

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Chapter 12

When our first song gets out, we become huge, all over the world. We do a photo shoot, I dye my hair pink on the bottom, and they put DARK eyeliner on me, and I'm wearing a short cut shirt with super long sleeves and on the front the words "Little Monsters" in cursive for what we call our fandom, and a pair of Jean shorts with fuCKEN SIX INCH WEDGES. We're all wearing different types of high heels. I'm wearing wedges, Mia is wearing Slingbacks, Nicole is wearing Pumps, Katie is wearing Stiletto, and Amber is wearing Boot-heels.We take pictures of us all holding up the British flag, and other stuff like that. We work hard, really hard. We record our whole album, and make 2 other music videos. Everyone loves us, and we end up breaking in America. We start our first tour next month, and were super nervous, because the first place were going is America, and we've never Ben there before. We're touring America, were going to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, we go through all 48 of the lower states, then we go to Alaska.  It's tiny, and its cold. I'm only talking about it because it's the first state where we get a one day break. I get the chance to be away from the other girls, and just walk around and explore. We're staying at a hotel called the Captain Cook. I walk around their mall, and I see alot of our fans. I sign stuff for them, take pictures with them. Everyone asks me about where the other girls are, and I just tell them they should be around the mall. I go into their Claire's, and I see One Direction merchandise. I look at the picture of Niall, and I feel like crying. "May I help you?" A lady asks. I look up and its a young girl. "Hey! Aren't you Diana? From Mixed Directions?" She asks. "Yeah I am." "That's so cool! I'm going to the gig tonight!" She cheers. I smile. "Well hopefully I'll see you there." "Yep! Will you sign this for me?" She hands me something and I sign it for her. And by the time it's 3 pm here, I'm exhausted. I go back to the hotel and go to sleep, and James our tour manager wakes me up at 6 pm for the gig tonight. I tweet, "gonna go out to the Sullivan Arena here in Alaska!! I think I should move here. Aha .xx" we drive to the arena, and its the smallest arena we've been at. Fizzy, our hair stylist, does my hair and make up, and Vikki our head stylist helps me into my clothes. We go up on stage and there's alot of girls. I really like it.

We go to Hawaii and its so much fun. Theirs arena was super big, and they were a great crowd. I'm excited because this is the last show of the tour. When the show is finished, we all go to a restaurant. I'm just about to sit down, until my head starts to like, vibrate. I grab my chair. I groan. "Diana? Are you alright?" James asks. "Yeah... I'm..." I drop my chair and fall to the ground.

When I awake next, I'm unable to speak. A head trauma causing aphasia caused a cerebral stroke. A blow from one of me and my dad's fights. "Diana. It's me James. You're gonna be okay, it's just you'll be here for a few days. They'll let you out when they take care of somethings. You'll be out in about 3 days. Alright?" I nod. I lay there, unable to do anything for the next few days, thinking of my family, of my sister's and my mum. I think of Zayn and Perrie, I think of Niall. By the third day, I'm talking and moving around. "Tomorrow you'll be released they said." Mia says. "I know. Thank you guys for always being here for me." I say. "That's what best friends are for." Nicole says. I hold my arms out and they all hug me. How long have we been gone from the UK?" I ask. "5 months." Katie says. "Do you guys have my phone?" I ask. Amber reaches into her pocket and hands me my phone. "There ya go." She says. I ring Niall.


"Hey baby."

"Oh my God! Are you okay? What happened?!"

"I'm fine Niall."

"I tried to fly over there but they wouldn't let me go!"

"Where are you?"

"In Canada."

"Were done with our tour already. Yours is another 4 months right?"

"Yeah. Since yours is finished you can come on tour with us. You fly to New York with the girls and we'll get you a flight here."

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