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Pen Your Pride

Im Famous!! chapter 11

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Chapter 11

We girls all spent time together, getting to know each other. By the end of the week, were all best friends. Today's the last day before I go to record our first album, and I want to spend it with Niall. Everyone is gonna leave us alone at the house today, as my girls are gonna go shopping with Little Mix and the boys are going out together. Mum is taking Safaa and Wali out since its been a while since they've gone out together with just them. So Niall and I stay home together watching television, me in his arms, drinking a couple of beers. I look at him. "I'm really gonna miss you Niall." I whisper. "Yeah I know... I'm probably not going to see you for a long time... since you're going to be working on your bands, and were going out to the Where We Are tour next month. And plus when I left to record Up All Night I didn't see my family until 2 and a half years later..." he says. Tears go down my face thinking about going 2 years without him... I hug.him and I start to cry. "Hey... don't cry... we'll see each other. We'll arrange some stuff so we can see each other. I promise." I look at him and he wipes my tears. I cry more, and he holds me. "I'm gonna miss you so much... I can't be that long away from you..." I stutter out. He hold my face with his hands. "I'll make sure that the longest time were apart, is 4 months." He whispers, wipes my tears and kisses me. He moves me on his Lal and rocks me. I cry like a child thinking about not being with him. I don't even know why I'm crying. We've known each other for like... 2 weeks. I don't care. I love him. He whispers, "I love you Diana. I love you so much." I feel tears falling from his face onto my hand. I look at him and wipe them away. "I love you too." I whisper. I go back into a little ball and he rocks me. He begins to sing,

"Shut the door,

Turn the light off,

I wanna be with you,

I wanna feel your love,

I wanna lay beside you,

I can not hide this,

Even though I try,

Heart beats harder,

Time escapes me,

Trembling hands touch skin,

And a tear steams,

Down my face..."

I look at him and kiss him. "This time has gone so fast... it feels like its only been an hour but it's been 5 hours." He says, and I nod. Everyone walks through the door, laughing and talking. "Hey guys." Niall says. They all throw off their shoes and jump on the couch by us. "Hey Diana!" They girls all call to me. Wali walks in and sits on Ashton's lap. I go to hug the girls. "How was your time with Niall?" Katie asks. "It was good. Went by really fast. How was it with the other girls?" I say. "Oh it was awesome. I enjoyed it." I smile. Niall walks in and hugs me from behind. "I'm quite tired. I think I'll just go upstairs and go to sleep. We've got a lot of work to do so we're probably not going to get a very good rest in a long time." I say. Niall picks me up and carries my upstairs. "Goodnight girls!!!" I yell before we get to the top. I outs me down by my door. "Niall?" "Yeah?" "Will you sleep in my room with me?" He looks downstairs, then at me. "Yeah. Of course." I smile and we go in. I get in the bed and so does he. I cuddle in his arms. "Thank you for being here with me Niall." I whisper. "Anything for my princess."

My phone's alarm goes off for 7 am. I roll over and turn it off. "Niall. Niall baby it's 7." He groans. I kiss him on the cheek and go to wash off in the shower. When I've washed off I get out and Niall calls, "Diana? Is that you?" "Yeah. It's me." I hear him get up. I go out to get my clothes from my bag. I see him stretching. "Good morning baby" I say. He stands up and hugs me from behind. "Niall I have to get dressed. "No." He says softly. "Niall." "You're not going anywhere." I turn around and hug him. "I have to." I whisper and go to get dressed. I put on my black jeans and my short cut stripped shirt. I brush my hair back into a ponytail and then I put on my make up. I go out and he attacks me so I fall on the ground. "Aw what you do that for!" I say giggling. He kisses me. "Diana? Simon's on his way to get us." I hear Katie whisper from the door. I look at her then at Niall. "I gotta go now Niall." I whisper. He looks like he's gonna cry. He lets me up and gets my bag for me. Somehow, he throws me over his shoulder while carrying my bag. The girls are standing in the doorway. Niall puts me down. Everyone comes out here to say their goodbyes. I hug mum. "Goodbye mum." "Goodbye Kitten. I love you." "Love you too mum." I hug Wali next. She's crying."Oh Wali don't cry." I giggle. I end up crying with her. I hug Zayn and the other boys, then the other girls, then little Safaa. She jumps on me. "Don't go Diana. Stay here. You'll end up like Zayn did." Mum starts to cry. "I'm sorry baby. I've got to." I put her down and she starts to cry. I hug Niall last, and I cry the hardest in his arms. Simon pulls up. The girls open the door and he comes in. I kiss Niall. "I'll miss you." I whisper. "Please don't leave." A tear goes down his face. "I have to." I hug him one more time. "Goodbye my love." I say to him.  "Goodbye. I love you." "I love you too." I go out the door and we all pile into the van. I look back and Niall is standing at the door. Nicole hugs me. I cry in her arms. All the girls hug me. We drive off and Niall watches us drive away. I cry knowing I'm going farther and farther away from the love of my life.

We arrive at a studio, where we record our first single. It's called Stay Strong. We stay at a hotel while recording the album everyday, and we decided to call it We're Here. For our first single we do a music video of each off us in like, a junkyard with fog around it, and each of us have a different theme in it, and in mine, it's got like... since I had a picture of her and they created like me remembering her telling me stories when I was a kid, and when it approaches the chorus, she fades away to me reading alone. They use actors as me when I was a kid and a look alike of my mum. I'm walking around them, singing the song, smiling, tears fall down my face, fake of course. And the chorus we all are wearing white dresses singing to the camera.

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