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Chapter 10

Niall and I spend alot of time together the next few days, since Simon called saying we're gonna start discussing things in a couple days. The girls are gonna stay here so we can bond or something. "Everyone into the living room! We need to discuss somethings!" Mum yells. All 12 of us pile in, Wali, Ashton, Zayn, Safaa and Louis sit on the couch, and Liam, Harry and Niall sit on the floor. I stand by mum in front of the television. "Okay, were gonna have 4 bands on the house. 2 boy bands and 2 girl bands. One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Diana's band whatever their name is gonna be, then Little Mix." "Whoo hoo! YEAAAAHHHHH!! LITTLE MIX!!!" Zayn yells. "Hush Zayn. Anyways, the reason Diana's band is gonna stay here is because they need to bond, and then Little Mix is gonna stay here because they usually stay here before they go on tour just like both One Direction and 5SOS. And Diana's band is gonna stay here before they go on tour just like you guys. Okay?" Mum says. "Holy fucking shit 4 bands all at the same time?" Niall asks. "Yeah. Don't embarrass me you idiots! The other girls are gonna think I'm weird. Anyways, my band mates are gonna be here tomorrow, and so is Little Mix." I say. Everyone agrees and walks away.

The next day, we all wake up early and clean the house to look presentable for my band and Little Mix. By noon, my band arrives. I look through the kitchen window as I wash the dishes. All 4 of them pop out of the van they have and in the car in front of them is Simon. They ring the doorbell. I go to answer it. "Hello! Come on in guys. Sorry about the last time we met, we had a party the night before so I was really hung over. Come on in. Hello Simon." I say as the walk in. "Here, come on and sit here in the living room." They all walk in. "Alright, you girls will be here for about a week, getting to know each other, and finding put what you want to call things like your first few albums and your guys name. Alright?" Simon says standing in front of the television. "Yes Simon. We'll be fine." A girl says. I don't know who's who. "Alright. I'll be here next week to come and get all 5 of you. Alright?" We nod. He walks out. "Okay. Well how about we have a proper start. My name is Diana." I say shaking the girl with black hair and brown eyes. "Nicole." She says. I shake the next girls hand, with brown hair and brown eyes. "Katie" she says. The next has blue eyes and red hair. "Amber" next has blond hair and like... yellow eyes. They're hazel I think. "Mia." Well, this is a start." Niall walks in and kisses me on the forehead. "This is your band?" He asks. "Yep. Girls this is Niall my boyfriend. Niall this is Nicole, Katie, Amber, and Mia." He shakes all their hands. They all seem stund, like they don't believe he's really there. "Alright baby. Luke has his Xbox 360 here in his room so I'm gonna go play with all the other boys." "What? How long has he had it?" "I don't know. Since he got here I guess." "And you knew about it?" "Yeah." "Why the fuck didn't you tell me?!" "Well I just did." I smile and kiss him. "Tell him to bring it out to the living room! I wanna play later on!" I yell as he walks away. "Alright!" He yells back. "Okay, back to what I was talking ab-" "is that Niall Horan?" Mia cuts me off. "Him? Oh yeah. He is." I say back. "And he's your boyfriend?" Nicole asks. "Yep. He's mine." I smile as I say it. "Dude! We're all big fans of One Direction!" Katie says. "Really? How about 5 Seconds Of Summer?" I ask. "Hella yes!" Amber says. "Really? Well they're here too." Their mouths drop. "Yep. Do you guys like Little Mix?" I ask. "Who doesn't?" Nicole says. "Well they're gonna stay here too. They'll be here soon." I say. They're due  Go wide, and their mouths are still  wide open. I laugh. "Okay. Well we should get you girls set in. Come with me and I'll show you your rooms." They all grab their bags and follow me. I go past the second floor, and then straight to the third. "Okay, you guys take the 5 rooms on the left and Little Mix will take the others 5." I say. "This house is big! How many rooms are there?" Mia asks. "22." I say. They're mouths drop to the floor. I nod and smile. "Here... Nicole do you want this room?" I ask her. She nods I open the door for her and she goes in. "Mia the next?" And so on. "Okay. When you're all settled go ahead and come downstairs to the living room. Okay?" I ask them. They l say yes. I run downstairs and the boys are playing. I take the 1st controller from Luke and start playing. "Move over boy let the master begin." I say. "Man! Control your girl!" Luke yells at Niall. "I can't do anything about her being a better gamer than you." He says. "Ohhhhhh!!!!" The other boys say. We're playing Call Of Duty, and its Niall and I verses Liam and Louis. Nial  And I win game. "Where's those other girls?" I say. I pause the game and look behind me and they're watching is play. The doorbell rings. Zayn and I know it's the girls so we race to the door. I tackle him before he gets to the door and I open it. "Perrie!" I yell and big her. "Hey Diana!" She says. "Oh my God! Zayn are you okay?" She sees him on the ground. "Yeah I'm okay. I just need a kiss." She giggles and he sits up and they start sucking on each other's face. "Hey! If you're gonna do that at least do it where we don't see you!" Jesy says. I laugh. "Hiiiiii! My name is Diana. And your Jade, Leigh-Anne and you're Jesy." I say and shake their hands. "You guys know where you're gonna stay?" I ask. "Yeah. Perrie said that Zayn said were going to be staying on the 3rd floor to the right." Jade says. "Okay. To you need me to walk you?" I ask. "No it's okay. We've got it. But thank you." Leigh-Anne says. They take their bags, Jesy takes Perrie's bag, and they walk upstairs. "Alright Sweetheart I've got to get my stuff unpacked." Perrie says. "Alright babe." He kisses her one more time and Perrie rushes upstairs. "Perrie!" Looks like Safaa found her. I go back into the living room and Luke too  the controller back. Oh well. "Girls do you want to go somewhere to discuss somethings?" I ask. They all nod and I take them into the the dining room. We all sit around the first end. "It's quote crowded in here don't you think?" Mia asks us. "Yeah it is, but it's cosy. And there's enough room for all of us to have our own rooms." I say and we giggle. "Okay. So... what should we call ourselves?" Nicole asks. We sit thinking about what we should be called. "Were The Bestest!" Amber says. We all laugh. "Umm... I think we shoild think of something connected to what we all like. "How about chocolate?" Katie says. We laugh. "How about we mix the names of the other bands?" Mia asks. "Ooh! Good idea!" I say. "Like we could mix 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction." Nicole says. "Like 5th Direction." Amber says. "That sounds good. Or we can mix Little Mix and One Direction and call ourselves One Mix." Katie says. "Yeah. But how about we change that to Mixed Directions." I say. "Ooh! I like that one!" Nicole says. "Me too." Mia says. "Yeah me too." Amber says. "Yeah that's better than One Mix." Katie says. "Okay. Raise your hand for Mixed Directions." We all raise our hands. "Okay great!" I say. "Well talk about everything else later. Right now I think we should get to know each other." Nicole says. "Alright. Do you guys have swim suits or stuff like that?" I ask. They nod. "They why don't we go for a dip in that giant pool in the backyard?" I say.

We all go upstairs to get ready. "Boys, Wali. were going for a dip you guys can join us if you want. Where's mum?" I ask. "She went shopping with Safaa. Yeah lets join them." Zayn says. They all stand up and go to get dressed. Niall takes my hand and we go upstairs. He goes to his room and I go to warn Perrie and them that were going swimming. "Perrie! We're all going for a dip you guys can join us if you'd like!" She says "yeah we'll be down!" I go into my room and change into my green bikini and I put my hair up. I go out and Niall is sitting by my door waiting for me. "Hey baby." I say and he kisses me. He throws me over his shoulders. "Baby!! Are you nuts?!! Put my down!!" All 8 of the girls are going down from the 3rd floor, and we meet them in the middle. "Hi girls."I say and I put my arms on his back and lean my head on my hands. They giggle. When we pass the boys door Zayn throw Perrie over his back like me and Niall, and Ashton does the same with Wali. Niall opens the door and carries me out to the pool. He puts me down and I push him in, and just like the first time I pushed him in, he pulls me in with him. "Niall!!" I yell. He laughs and pulls me close to him. I kiss him. Little Mix, the boys, and Wali are already in as well. The 4 look nervous, so I get out and me, Mia, Katie, Nicole and Amber hold hands. "1...2...3!" I yell and we all jump in. I look at Louis and he's on Harry's shoulders, fighting Zayn on Liam's shoulders. Perrie is on Leigh-Anne's shoulders, and Jade is on Jesy's shoulders fighting. I pick up tiny Amber and get her on my shoulders. Nicole gets on Mia's shoulders and Katie watches. Nicole pushes Amber down in seconds. I laugh. I go to Niall and get on his shoulders. "Who wants to go against the beast!!!!" Louis yells and points at me. Everyone looks at me. "Louis! I told you not to embarrass me!!" I yell at him, and everyone laughs. "I wanna do it!!" Jade says. "What? Go against Diana?" Zayn asks. "Yeah." She says. "Alright let's do it! Jade get on my shoulders!" Perrie says. Jade climbs up and everyone stops what they're doing and turns to watch. "Louis be the ref!" Niall says. Louis steps up. "Okay! Diana! Are you ready?!?!" He screams. "Ready!!!" I yell. "Jade!! Are you ready to be murdered?!?!?!" Louis yells. "I regret this already." She says. I smile. "The first person to get knocked down loses!" Louis yells. We nod. "Go!!!" He yells and runs away. "I'm sorry Jade." I whisper, and throw her off Perrie. "Ohhhhh!!!" Everyone yells. Jade comes back up. "I'm sorry!" I say. She just laughs. "Who's next?!" Louis asks. "I'll try." Nicole says and climbs onto Katie. They come up and Louis says "really?!?!?!?!" We nod. "Go!!!" I push Nicole's face back and she falls backward. "Winner, Diana and Niall! Loser, this girl and that girl!" Nicole comes back up. "I'm so sorry Nicole! Forgive me?" She smiles and says "no problem!" And goes back to the sides. "Anyone wanna try and see if you can against the Beast?!" Louis yells. "I'll do it!!!" I hear Ashton yell. I look at Wali and she shakes her head at me. Ashton gets on Liam's shoulders. "Ready?!?!?!" Louis yells. We nod. "Go!!" Ashton pushes my shoulders and I gently push his. He pushes me to the side and I fake fall off. "Fake!!" Everyone yells. "For real this time!!" Louis yells. I get back up on Niall and I shrug my shoulders at Wali. "Go!!!" Louis yells. I push him back and he catches himself. I push his face and he nearly falls off. I grab his arms and throw him off Liam. "Winner again!!!" We continue playing. I reign as champion, until I have no one else to wrestle. "Everyone has done it already?" Louis asks. "No! Not everyone!" Wali yells. I lol at her and she's pointing at Niall. I look down at him. "Niall! Your turn!" Louis yells. He looks at me. I shrug my shoulders. I get off him and bring Zayn over to hold me up. Niall gets on top of Harry. "The Malik's against Narry!!" Louis yells. "Go!!!" We push each other back and forth, and then he pushes me to the side, so I decide to obey and fall off. "Ohhhh!!! We have a new champion!!!" Louis yells. Niall gets off and holds me. "You didn't have to take that for me" he whispers. "I know. But I can't humiliate you." He snorts. I kiss him and go over to my girls. "That was fun..." I say. They all nod and smile. We continue playing around for about an hour, and we all decide to go inside. Niall helps me out, and carries me in bridal style. "Why do you carry me so much?" I ask him when he takes me into my room. "Because, princesses always get carried away." "But I'm not a princess." "You're my princess." He says. I smile and hug him and go in my room to get dressed.

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