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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1 || Adeline's Life

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Chapter 1

Adeline's POV

All eyes are on me, pleading the guilty murderers case. Did I want to? No. How did I get here? Well this is how I live. I get up every morning, get dressed and wait for that call. The call I get every single day, a call that pays my rent. I'm a lawyer, I'm a fill-in lawyer. You know those mass criminals with no lawyer to support them? Well, I become their temporary lawyer and defend them. Every case pays about 300 pounds, and if I win the case, I get 800 pounds. I don't win many cases, because of how terrible the criminals are. But when I do, it's an amazing feeling. But it's terrifying. I get so nervous, because the people I'm defending, I don't really know if they're innocent or not. But one case, a case I said at one time it would be the worst case I ever dealt with, But a case that changed my life for the better.

Louis' POV

I dress up in my nice clothing, my mum helping me tie my tie, her beautiful face is filled with worry. "I didn't kill those people mum." I say as she stares at my tie. "I know Boo Bear. I know, but... but what if the judge isn't convinced? What if he takes you to prison for the rest of your life for no reason? I'll never see my Boo Bear ever again." a tear streams down her silk-like cheek, a look of worry is displayed all over her face. I go to hug her, to hold her in my arms. "I promise they won't. I'm not crazy. You know it, I know it, and I can convince them I'm not. Eleanor took a toll on me, and it was painful. I miss her mum." a tear goes down my face as the thought of looking down, and instead of my mum there, it would be my Eleanor. I know it won't be, but sometimes I still have hope. Mum pulls away and kisses me on the cheek. "Come on son. Let's go make sure they know you're not a murderer."

When we arrive at the court room, I see the lads there to support me, with their girlfriends. "Louis!" I hear Niall yell and run to embrace me. Oh my little brother. I've missed the Irish lad. "Hey there Niall it's good to see you." I say as he tightens his grip on my waist. The other guys hug me, except Harry. People think we're gay together. Bullshit. We all walk into the court room, and face the judge. "Mr. Tomlinson. Do you have an attorney with you?" the man says sternly. "No, sir. She was too afraid." He looks at me tightly, like he thinks I really did kill them. "Court is adjourned. Come back next week with a fill-in attorney ready Mr. Tomlinson. Understand?" he says. "Yes, sir." I say and we all leave. Who am I going to get? "Hey Louis!" I hear Liam yell behind me. "Yeah?" He comes up, papers in one hand, Sophia's hand in the other. "Listen I heard about this place where you can get fill-in attorneys." He hands me a flyer and I see the face of my once girlfriend, but it's not her. Under her picture was a name that said "Adeline McGowan" I look up at Liam, and he smiles big, and walks away. I look back down at this beautiful face and realize. I've got to meet her!!! I have to find out who this woman is!

Adeline's POV

I sit in the small office stuck in my work clothes, the pencil skirt, white collared shirt, dress coat and 4 inch pumps. I sit turn the fan towards me, so I don't sweat. It's quite warm out here in London and the air conditioner is broken so I have to keep myself cool. "Addie! Where are the files to the last case you did?!" I hear Buster call from the back. "I don't know! I gave them to you ass hole!!" I yell. I put my feet up on my desk and read People Magazine. That kid is STILL all over? the headline says, "Louis Tomlinson a mass muderer?!" and a picture of him in a suit obviously in court taking the oath or whatever. He's pretty cute but it's kind of creepy. What drove him to it? I turn to the page the information on him is.

Louis Tomlinson popstar sensation put into an insane asylum after driven mad from his beloved girlfriend Eleanor Calder commit suicide. Witnesses say he escaped, and went on a killing spree, killing 24 people. All the murders lead up to him, but he refuses to admit it. He says he merely went home and went to bed. He said to ET, "I'm not crazy. I'm merely mourning the death of my Eleanor. She commit suicide, yes, but she was pushed. My fans, though I love them, they tore down and ruined my Lovely Eleanor. I loved her with all my heart, and it ruined me. I was upset. Just because I had nightmares of her hanging body, does not mean I'm crazy. I miss my Eleanor dearly. She was the light of my life." He was quite emotional, almost on the verge of crying in the interview. We feel bad, but do the fans? The fans sent her hate because she was in a relationship with Louis when he was suspected to be in a relationship with his bandmate Harry Styles. The fans say they 'Shipped' Larry Stylinson and not Elounor Caldlinson. The fans thinking Larry was real, sent her hate on sources such as Twitter, saying she was a beard, and calling Elounor not real. He still mourns her death, hurt very badly by his fans. Will he ever forgive the fans?

I see the pictures around the text, one with him and a pretty girl who I'm thinking is Eleanor kissing, another of the guy crying in front of a large casket, and her body. I feel bad. I put the magazine down when I see someone walk in. I stand up quickly and bury the magazine into my desk drawer. "Hi there sir. My name is Adeline McGowan state approved fill in lawyer." I say putting my hand out to shake his. He smiles big and shakes my hand. Oh my God. That's him! That's Louis Tomlinson!! "Hi. Louis. Good to meet you." He says. "Uhmm... I have a quick question." I say smiling awkwardly at him. "Am I the Louis Tomlinson? Yes I am. and no. I did not kill any of people." He says to me, still smiling. I feel a strange sensation in my chest as I see him smile. "Okay well... is there anything I can help you with?" I ask sitting down behind my desk. "Please sit." I offer putting my hand on the other end of my desk where an empty chair sits. "Actually yes. I need a lawyer. My original lawyer was afraid I really was a killer and left me. So I need a lawyer. And my friend Liam gave me a flyer and told me to come here if I needed a lawyer." He says. "Well you came to the right place." I say with a smile. "You know you look a lot like Eleanor." He says cocking his head to look at me better. "Oh... Well thank you. I mean if that's a compliment." I say feeling my cheeks burn. "It was." He says with a little giggle. "Anyways, Mr. Tomlinson, do you have proof that you're not a killer? I mean I do believe you're not But I need to prove it." Lies. KILLER AND CRAZY IS WRITTEN ALL OVER HIS FACE! We continue with all the business stuff, him giving me some amazing proof that he didn't do it, almost convincing me.

"Okay. So Mr. Tomlinson, I have the proof and I will study up on this, read up on the witnesses and things and we can discuss it sometime. I have your information in the computers so I will contact you when I need you." I say standing up, and he joins me. "That sounds great. How about you come over to my flat tonight and we can discuss all of this. Alright?" He asks shaking my hand. "Oh... Well alright. That sounds great. What time should I head over?" I ask. "By 7:30 I guess." He says shrugging. "Okay. See you at 7:30 Mr. Tomlinson." I say before he goes out the door. "Please call me Louis. I insist." He says with a smile and I nod in agreement.

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