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There is shuffling from above me and a click of a gun.
"STOP! DON'T!" Damion's voice.
"Who are you two?" I get up quickly and look the black haired girl in the eye.
"C-Carolyn?" She stutters. This could be a sign of fear. Or sign of surprise. She was always hard to analyze. I nod quickly.
"You know these guys?" Damion questions me, looking surprised.
"Yes." I reply simply.
"What're you doing back?" Josie scoffs, clinging to her boyfriend's arm like a limpet.
"We're passing through." I mumble.
"Who's we?" Josie says. Can she be any more obnoxious and annoying?
"Damion and I"
"Yeah, and we really must be off..." Damion says, grabbing my arm.
"So soon? Come on Carolyn, stay a little longer. We'll go somewhere safer." Says the black haired girl. Leddy. That is her name. She was always so annoyed that she had been called that but she got used to it over time. I remember now. I sigh and nod, she smiles then grabs my wrist.
"Come on guys!" She laughs and pulls me into a small shop, the others in tow. We run up some stairs in the back room and come across a door at the top of them with a small window embedded into the old wood. She reaches for the door handle and turns it. The door stays shut and she grunts.
"Really? What's a girl got to do to get on a rooftop?" I chuckle quietly then lean down in front of a keyhole beneath the brass handle. From my pocket I produce a small knife, I turn to Leddy.
"Do you have a hair pin?"
"I don't think this is really the time for playing hairdressers" I scowl at her and gives me a hair pin from her pocket. I push the pin and the knife into the keyhole and push each pin upwards until a satisfying click echoes around the tight, concrete stairwell.
"Uh, what was that?" Tink asks. I smirk and twist the cylinder inside the keyhole. I take the knife and hair pin from the door, handing the pin back to Leddy. She reaches for the handle again and twists it, this time, the door opens with ease.
"Where'd you learn to do that?" She asks, I shrug smiling and we walk out onto the rooftop. We all sit down in a circle and they all seem to stare at me. I doubt that anything will ever be the same again since that day.
After the slaughter we relocated to a small building not far from the ambush. We all lay on the rooftop, well, those still alive. The sun was just beginning to set and an egg yolk like colour was covering our faces and seeping through our eyelids. And then my world, what was left of it, came crashing down. You need to go. She said. My only chance of survival was abandoning me. Why? I had said. You're too much trouble she replied.
So I left. And here we are 7 months later all together again. Whether I am hated or not.

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