Russia or Turkey?

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Okay.... Would you rather hang out with Russia or have a fight with Turkey?



"God damn." I mutter, staring at the question.

Zubicu fist-pumps the air, leg flying up as she falls backwards yelling "I'd kick Turkey's ass!" in the most enthusiastic manner possible.

I laugh. "Me, I'd hang out with Russia for a day. I'm pretty sure I couldn't take a country on in a fight. Although that is a tough decision. Good question."

"I'd fight Turkey." Sukrutra butts in, swishing her tail. "Simply because I could chuck him over my head by his collar into the nearest river."

I chuckle. "I'd end up in hospital if I took him on. As much as I hate him. Anyway, thanks for the question, 1Dhetalia678! It was fun to think of an answer to it."

"Yeah, we got into a pretty heated argument over which option was better. Sukky had to break us up." Zubicu says, grinning.

"Still think Russia's a better option." I mumble under my breath.

She leans forward, fist clenched. "What was that?!"

I grin. "You heard me."

"Why, you-!"

Sukrutra rolls her eyes. "Don't mind those two. Keep the questions coming down below or in our inbox, they're a lot of fun to answer! Other than that, have a nice day!"

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