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Austins POV 

- - - - - - - - - -

I can't love her. I have no right.

Those 8 words shattered my heart. I glanced back at the door. I could still hear her soft cries even through the door. I bullied her.

I made her life hell.

((a/n: this is a flashback from 8th grade)) (flashbaackk} 

"OLIVIA STOP! PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR. SWEETIE!" Her mom burst crying, as she sunk to the floor defeated. 

"Olivia please." My mom said broken. Just then her dad came.

"Move aside. NOW!" He bellowed, as he tried breaking open the door. After one last blow, he successfully bust the door open, and we saw an image of Olivia, that we all never thought would see. Ever.

Her arms were covered in red blade marks, and she stood on her knees. The adults crowded around her, taking the blade from her hands, and embracing her tightly. I felt weak. I felt like crying, telling Olivia how sorry I was. My eyes were full of regret. I wanted to go back to the time where I was her Ameezy, and she was my princess.

"Austin get in the car. Now." My mother said with pure seriousness, her eyes turning bloodshot red. I nodded weakly, before running to the car. I made a girl cut herself. I made her feel bad about herself. She was beautiful. I was selfish. I could've talked to her all these years, but my option was to make her suffer. The way my uncle tortured my mom. I did the same to an innocent girl.

((flashback over))

I was shaking. I regret all the things I did to her, and i've been regretting it since. Taking a deep breath, I wiped my face, and made myself look presentable. I won't love her. She deserves much better, and that isn't me.

"Olivia open the door, I have better things to attend to" I said rudely, but inside I was hurting.

Olivia's POV

He had better things to attend to.

lies lies lies lies and lies. 

"Your crying made it so obvious. Oh Austin" I mentally rolled my eyes, and smiled.

He felt the same way I did. He wasn't the same guy who I first met before.

A bully. But I was ready to take chances. I was going to confess.

After taking deep breaths, I opened the door, and looked at him. He seemed unaffected by this, but his t-shirt was drenched with tears, which made me happy inside.

He cares.

"Let's talk-"

"I don't want to talk," I said stubbornly avoiding eye contact.

"LUKE CAN HURT YOU AT ANY TIME. LET ME SPEAK!" He said yelling at me. He then took a sharp breath, then softened his expression.

"Please Olivia?" He said. I walked to the living room leaving the door open as my answer. Soon I heard footsteps coming closer. He hugged me from behind.

"Are you okay?" He said quietly. No response.

"Olivia." He said turning to face me. I decided to play funny at this moment.

"Austin," I said smiling big, showing my teeth. He looked taken aback.

"Describe the setting where Luke kept you, I want-" He began, but my words shushed him, and left him shocked.

"I love you jackass."


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