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"Is the original outfit from the movie Fame necessary?" I ask as the woman continues to curl my hair.

"It's something different is all," Ed smiles and sits next to me, "I mean it's better than what Blair is wearing..." he shudders a little.

Blair was going to be singing I Knew You Were Trouble... quite fitting actually. And her outfit... well lets just say it's a cross between Miley and Taylor in the worst performances.

I laugh, "Well thanks, Ed," I stand up slowly suddenly feeling a bit nauseous.

"You're welcome," he says smiling and steadying me as I stumble a little.

"Ugh," I say readjusting the leg warmer, "I can't believe people actually wore these...."

"Better believe it, cause it's your turn," he says as my name echoes backstage, "go on!" he says giving me a small shove onto the stage.

I walk out and smile a little, "Hi," I say smiling into my mic.

The crowd screamed and Harry's jaw dropped almost to the table. I bite my lip a little and blush, the leotard was tight and the leggings were a pale white against the the bluish fabric.

The music started and the dancers started to move behind me. I never paid much attention while I was performing.... but this time I did. I wasn't exactly sure, but I could connect with the music and actually mean what I was singing...

"Oh. My. God," Lou says smiling at me with a dumb expression, "I don't think I've ever heard you sing like that..." he looks at the boys and they were all nodding their heads.

"I agree, Lou," Liam says looking up from the paper on his desk, "the past few songs that you've sung, it just didn't feel like you were, I don't know... into it. And I was actually going to tell you that, but it seems you've fixed the only problem that I had seen in your performance. Fantastic job."

I blush, "Thanks..." I say as Niall smiles at me.

"Well, you definitely have come a long way from the scary emo girl that first walked on stage a few months ago..." he says and the crowd screamed, "I mean, I don't think I've ever seen someone improve that much, amazing, you're perfect."

"Yes, I have to agree with the others," Zayn says smiling, "the only thing bad about this performance..." he starts as the crowd goes a little quiet, obviously wanting to hear, "is that there was nothing bad at all...." everyone laughs and claps their hands, "and I think Liam is right, you finally have connected to a piece, and I don't think there is a person in the world that will forget your name after tonight."

I cover my mouth to keep from laughing as happiness welled up inside of me. They liked it....

Harry leaned forward and put his chin in his hands as he stared stupidly at me with a giant smile, "I'm just going to thank Lou right now for picking a song where I got to see the most beautiful girl in the world dance in front of me in nothing but a leotard..."

Some men in the crowd whistled while girls made 'aw' sounds.

"You really sounded amazing, Love," he says smiling at me, "and I know I'll always remember your name..."

"Yeah and the worlds going to remember your name after tonight," Lou says not in front of the mic so only people near the front could hear.

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