Chapter 12

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*Althea's P.O.V.*

"Dean, please. Just let me come with! I need to help get him back! This is all my fault!" I pleaded. My voice cracking towards the end.

I had been trying to convince Dean to let me come on the search party for Niall for the last hour. He haldn't budged on topic what so ever.

"No, Althea. I'm not putting you in that kind of danger. You are staying here and thats final." He said, exasperated. His eyes rolling when I began to ask him again.

"Dean, please! I need to do this! If you let me come I'll shut up." I whined, causing Dean's temper to finally get the better of him.

"NO! Althea. Stop you are not coming with!" He yelled, his eyes growing dark with anger.

My heart raced with fury as my temper rose with his. My hands began to shake, my tongue was placed between my teeth, making sure I didn't say anything stupid.

I tasted blood the had begun to seep from my tongue. I stormed out before I could bite the whole thing off, leaving an angry Dean to finish packing his duffle bag full of supernatural weapons.

Tears stung at my eyes as I ran into my room, the door slamming behind me. My body collapsed onto my bed, the tears now falling freely, soaking my pillow in salty tears.

Sobs wracked my body so hard I didn't hear Louis and Harry enter. My senses only took notice of their presence when a large hand was placed on my back, causing my attenton to switch from the aching in my heart to the warmth of the two additional people that had sat themselves on my bed.

I wiped the tears from my eyes, sitting up, though keeping my head down, not looking into those pitiful green or blue eyes.

"Althea. Everything is going to be fine. We'll find Niall and we will bring him back alive and well." Harry's deep british accent sounded from my left.

"I just don't understand why you get to go. I've been traing for way longer than you have." I complained, finally lifting my eyes to scan their faces.

Louis sat silently nodding his head. He understood what it was like to be left behind. He used to be the one no one would take in.

But Harry had no idea what it was like. Dean and Sam met him and instantly they were all partners. Unlike me, who trained hard, worked everyday to become a hunter just like them but never getting that shining moment.

"Yes, but I have more experience. You'll get your hunter moment. You just have to be patient." Harry's attempt at soothing me only angered me further.

"I have been patient. I've been waiting for six years to get that 'hunters' moment yet it still hasnt arrived! How am I ever supposed to get experiance without the ability to go out and experience?!" I exclaimed, my already fragile temper flying completley off the handle.

Harrys features changed from soft and concerned to irratated and exasperated.

"Look all im saying is Dean just doesnt think your ready. Hes just teying to protect you." He sighed, standimg and leaving the room immeditaly, leavinghis words lingering in the now quiet room.

My eyes traveled over to Louis, who still sat perched on the side of my bed.

"What do you think, Lou? Do you think im ready?" I questioned quietly. My anger slowly melting from my voice.

"Personally? I think youd kick ass in the field." His words earned a small smile. "but, unfortuntley I cant be the one to put you out in the field. So until Dean thinks your ready I think you better stay out of trouble." He finished, my smile dissappearing with rest of the sentence.

He stood, leaning back down to kiss my forhead.

"Dony do anything stupid." He whispered, his voice almost pleading.

He then stood up straight, flashimg me a famous Louis Tomlinson smirl and left.

I loved that Louos cared so much. I loved that everyone did but this wasnt something I could just let go.

So, I waited for the sound of the door slamming and the impala revving to life before making my move.

I gathered my hidden weapons, threw them into a duffle bag and hopped out the window.

Sorry Louis.


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