(Ch. 18) The Birthday Spectacular PT. 1

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Julie's POV

It was almost time to go the party. The girls were about to pick me up too. I quickly put on a mint green midi skirt, a white blouse tucking it in, leather jacket, and keds. I put my hair in a high pony tail and put a white ribbon in. I put makeup on but not much to notice.

I hear a honking outside and I knew it was the girls. I quickly ran outside and jumped into the car. "It's called a door." Raven says. And I smirk saying, "it's called an open cover." Peyton starts chuckling. "Just like Peyton." Georgia responds. "Look who's talking Miss Quiet Mouth." Peyton's says with a smile.

On the way to the party I texted Parker and asking him random questions. Then he started not to answer. Which made me worried. I started to tap my foot. I don't know why I'm freaking out. I probably think he's with another girl. If you ask, yes I am the jealous kind. ((A/n: Parker andJulie are together if I haven't mentioned :) ))

Raven finally got a parking spot. Thank goodness. Well I sound.... Rather.. How do you say it... Lizzie personality. Yeah that sounds about right. It makes sense. Anyways. There I stared at the huge building. What will people think of me? I never had a big party. So I don't know. If I think about it... It sounds fun.

I jump out the car and into the building. I felt rushed I don't know why. ((A/n: if you see I can't pick my words right now I'm on writers block really bad. So I'll be using I don't know a lot because I can't really think of the words to say)) I pushed the revolving door to see everyone waiting for the ball room. Parker was in the corner (Oh but he and his group were teddy boys) talking to three guys. I skip over there and hug him.

"Hey, love." He says with a smile and I smile back. I smile a lot... A lot.

"Oh I'd like you to meet Andrew , Austin, and Calum. Anyways guys this is Julie."

The boys wave there hands at me. Then Georgia, Raven, and Peyton walk through the door and come over to where I am.

Raven's POV

Oh my lord. This boy is cute. "Hi I'm Raven Starkey or Starr whatever works for you." I smile. "Sup I'm Andrew."

I'm not in love. No not just yet. Oh no I forgot I have to tell the girls I'm going to New York. I'll have to do it all at the end. I can't leave without saying it.

Peyton's Pov

Austin smiled at me and we left everyone to talk. This has to be the best day of my life. We both walked in to the ballroom and looked around. "Looks nice." Austin said.

"Yeah me and the girls want her to have a great party." I close my eyes remembering a moment in life Julie would never know.


"Daddy I'm ready"

My dad picks up my small fragile body ready to go to Julie's party that Raven and Georgia would be.

"Ok let's go she lives just down the street so we will walk." he carries me to her house. When we get there he knocks on a door and a small Georgia opens the door.

"Uncle Paul is here!" She screams. She was always loud. No one knew where she got it probably from Aunt Olivia. She isn't that loud though. Who knows.

An Asian lady walks downstairs to greet her. She looked nice but James always told me never talk to her.


I walked up to Yoko and she rolls her eyes. I kick her she scared me kinda I don't kick people.

"Get out of my house now!!!" Yoko screams. My dad grabs on to me and I see a scared Julie in the corner. Yoko starts to scream at everyone to get out. Julie tries to leave but is quickly grabbed. All I remember was a shriek and a loud cry. Julie Lennon my best friend goodbye. For awhile.


"I think everyone is able to come in now." I say quickly walking to the door and opening it.

This will a party she won't remember nothing will go wrong. Nothing could ruin this.

No one's Pov

Everything was perfect. No drama. no stupid music. No bullies. Nothing. Just the 4 girls with a love of rock and roll music. Just a rhythm guitar and a mouth organ. A new hoffner and an electric guitars. Leaving the most important for last, the drums. Nothing could make it bad.

~Part 1 End~

I'm so glad how well this story is going. I wanna thank @MaddieTheMacca (Peyton) and @StarkeyRichard (Raven) for being there for me. giving me ideas. the whole point I started this book was because of them. they are my best friends for life and nothing will ever change that :) ~JL

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