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I wiggled my fingers, the sensation shot a burst of energy up my arm.  Clenched and unclenched my jaw, heaved a deep breath through my nose.  The movement through me ignited a flare of anger and I pulled myself upwards, rolling my shoulders for a second.  The four adults in the room around me seemed surprised, like they didn’t think I was really living.  They stood frozen.

They are normal people, nothing about them made them evil but I hate them, that hate filling me with light and weightlessness.  I hate them and I will stop them from putting me in that motionless state again.

I meant to roll off the sheets and onto my feet but I misjudged the height of the table and fell on my stomach, barrel rolled to a standing position behind the bed, opposite three of the four adults, the fourth female running from the room.  The three of them stared at me, the shock on their faces revealed the irony in their toneless voices.

My heart raced and my vision filled with light until they quickly fixed themselves but I widened them, looking around the room, transparent lines and charts flowed through my sight like looking through a computer.  There was writing, next to the three figures across the room were long numbers and if I focused I could see their information in the back of my mind.  Names, phone numbers, addresses, records, everything.

The two men were Andy Lardo and Barron Greyson, the woman Chelsey Arbonond.  She then began to cautiously move towards the wall on the far right.  I followed her reaching hand to an alarm button, its wires and circuits glowed orange in my vision and I followed them to a place near me in the wall.

Grabbing a close, heavy looking object I thrust it into the wall.  Not knowing my own strength I pulled at the wire and dropped it and a strangely large piece of the wall, to the floor.  Lights started flickering but returned to normal when the sound of generators kicked on.

Chelsey jabbed her finger onto the button but nothing happened, she gave the men a wide-eyed glance.

Andy ran out the door before I could stop him but Barron took a step closer.  Instinctively I jerked my body forward but just as I did so something moved in peripheral vision.  I looked to the side to see my own reflection in one of the machine screens.

I look about five feet tall, muscular but not too big for a girl.  Long, unkempt brown hair fell down the sides of my round face.  Thin, tan pajama looking clothes hung loosely off of me and a black dog-tag was swinging down off of my neck but what I really noticed were my eyes.

Wide and scared, out-of-place looking on my tan skin the light glared off of their unique shade of silvery-white.  They were light as ice with a gray, silvery tint so they stood out against the whites of my eyes.

I straightened, watching my every move, entranced by my sliding movements and smooth actions but I wasn’t watching Barron inch closer to me.

Barron dove towards me clumsily and I dashed to the side out of his reach.  I stumbled over my own feet, not used to walking, and he quickly lurched forward and grabbed my upper arm.  With a fat, meaty hand he hauled me over to the other side of the room.  I jerked to the left away from the bed in the center of the room but he held me fast. 

My heart pounded in my chest and I wiggled helplessly, Barron reached over to the counter with the hand he wasn’t using to hold me and pulled a needle from off of it, the label read C.E.E whatever that means.

He struggled to keep me still in his one hand without dropping the syringe in his other.  Chelsey then scurried across the room and took the needle from Barron.

I panicked, thrashed and kicked and screamed.  I had a fight or flight feeling in the pit of my stomach again.  Clear, blue lines weaved themselves in and out of things around the room.  Each path of escape separate from the other.  In my panic I zeroed in on the shortest path.

Flinging my head backwards into Barron’s mouth and could hear a snap and felt a click.  He loosened his grip on me and in that instant I dogged the needle from and Chelsey by dropping to the floor.  Barron held his face and I swung my legs out underneath Chelsey, knocking her to the ground.

She regained her balance quickly and made a grab for me again but I hung to the edge of the bed and slid myself under it to the other side of the room.  Barron, his face and hands covered in blood jerked a hand out to grab me but I was out the door before even Chelsey could have another go at me.

I slammed my elbow against the doorknob, a jolt of pain shooting up my arm but the handle bent out of shape as planned.  I know it won’t hold them for long but it will buy me some time. 

I closed my eyes and sucked in a slow breath to clear my thoughts, when I opened them again thin purple lines shot down both right and left down the hall.  A millisecond passed when the path to the right turned a violent shade of red so I started off running down the left before I realized it was a dead end.  It ended in a window that covered most of the wall, just a thin sheet of glass.

There was a loud bang and I turned to see Barron and Chelsey shoot out of the room as Veronica and Andy walk from behind them with a large group of men carrying menacing guns.

Numbers flew through my brain and in less than a second I knew just how outnumbered I was.  New paths flew through my vision, winding through the men across from me.  Then names and numbers appeared over their heads.  An alarm sounded through the hall, a piercing screech that made the lines in my sight flicker.

I shook the noise out of my head and just as the first row of soldiers raised their weapons the fight or flight feel went from fight to flight.  I turned and dove out the window behind me but only just then noticed that I was in the fourth floor up.

I didn’t think about it before I jumped and I braced myself, wishing now I hadn’t.  My stomach lurched upwards as I fell, cold wind blowing against me before I hit the ground.  I impacted with the hard ground and heard a crack, a sickening snap jolted up my right leg.  I scooted backwards to hide behind a row of neatly trimmed bushes against the building.

I held my right leg, feeling the razor sharp splinters of bone in my leg and the purple bump on the outside.  Green lines lay on top of the veins and a darker shade over the broken vessels.  A thick, transparent green line show the place of brake and numbers show the healing time. 

I let warm tears trickle down my face as the burning throb of agony in my lower leg writhed.  I tried to stand when the pounding sound of feet faded away and the blue lines in my sight that followed them didn’t show them returning.  In the standing position I set my leg slowly onto the ground but yelped and fell back to sit. 

I might as well wave around a white flag!  Hope seemed like a joke, I don’t even know why I have to get away, just an instinct I guess. 

I sat, thinking.  I can’t walk away and I’d be too slow if I crawled away.  With no guiding lines in my sight I let sink in my defeat and sat to wait, pulling up my dog-tag and slid my thumb over the smooth black metal.

Small, silver letters were engraved onto the necklace,

Subject Change.  5y300t70c

15.  9-25 Brine

My mind was swimming in questions, does this tag tell me about myself in some sort of code?  Subject Change, do they mean subject to change?  5y300t70c, is that like a bar code, for me?  15.  9-25. It could be a date like a birthday or it could be random numbers for something completely different, can’t blame a girl for hoping.  And Brine.  Is that the name of this building, am I their property?

Curiosity raced through me but so did a new jolt of pain, the dog-tag fell back to my chest and I held my hands around the spot where the brake is.  In my vision the green looked as if it was moving, morphing as the agony grew.  I watched as the green turned itself into a calm shade of yellow and the second the yellow was a bright neon shade it disappeared and the lump on my leg was gone and the pain dissolved.

 My thoughts about the dog-tag and about my fast healing leg were put to rest the moment I heard the alarm again.  Searching the wires in the wall that were indicated with thin, orange lines.  Most of them disappeared into the building but a few led to thing hooked to the wall on the outside.

I stood, being careful of my right leg at first but it didn’t hurt or have any feeling of being recently injured so I glanced around me quickly.  The alarm having changed pitch, I wondered if that machine on the wall were making the sound but as I inched forward I saw that it was a surveillance camera, looking straight at me.

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