My Little Sister

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My little sister

Jessie-Marie Simpson is your typical 17 year old girl. She loves parties, shopping and boys. Her mother is a actress and her father is a film producer and her brother brad is in a successful band the vamps. As you can tell her family is pretty well off. She lives in a big house and can have anything she wants. Also she is dating the school hottie, fellow band mate of brad, Connor ball. By 'having anything she wants' I mean everything, cars, clothes, makeup... Everything except the thing she really wants. Her little sister katie, to be cancer free.

Katie is 9 years old and was diagnosed with cancer 3 months ago. Jessie and Katie have a special bond that no one can compare too. Jessie's mum and dad, Tanya and Robert have been told Katie only has 10 months to live.

In this fan fiction lives are changed for the better and the worst, tears of happiness and tears of devastation are shed. How will Jessie cope without Katie? Her world, her princess, her little sister...

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