Chapter 3: The Grass Isn't Always Greener On The Other Side part 2

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The last chapter didn't exactly explain the name, so this is pretty much filler. Pretty much goes through Nero's and Dante's lives.

Enjoy, minna!


10 years prior


" But you know I hate business. I wanna make music, old man."  Dante whined. " The nuns keep trying to get me into it."  He continued. He stared at the stone and then laughed. " Yeah, you know it. Verg is with me on that too!"  He then looked at the headstone next the that of his father's and smiled fondly. " Ma, you know we'll stick together. Always."  Dante stood up and waved before exiting the cemetery with tears in his eyes.

He and Vergil had been left with an incredible amount of money from their father and mother. Their parents had died when they were eight years old.

He'd lied to his late mom. Vergil want with him anymore. Vergil had become quite distant with him as of late. He'd even started doing some of drug called Trigger. The only time he want triggered was when they had practice or a gig. He was always very serious at gigs and practice.

Dante's head ran all of these thoughts at once as he got into his red 1965 mustang. It was his baby, but he didn't lovingly annoyed it as he usually did.

He just wanted to get home. His 19 year old mind just wanted to get wasted and pass out.



A nine year old boy sat under the shade of a tree and bonded his head to the music blasting from his headphones.

The purple walking by spat at him and he sneered at them in return. In Fortuna, he only had three things to live for. Kyrie, Credo, and Devil May Cry. His adoptive sister and brother were the only ones who spoke to him in Fortuna.

He mumbled the words to the song he was listening to.

Misery loves my company

It was a favorite of his.

Leave in the cold

You better run away

I'm gonna dig a hole

And bury all the memories we've made

The songs made sense to him and spoke to him. He also had a crush on the singer, Dante.

Another reason the people of his town hated him. He was gay. He always knew he was gay, even at nine. The only girl he loved was Kyrie, and she was his sister. Credo had taken them to a concert out of town before and Nero saw them. The songs were beautiful and meaningful.

Like most kids, he assumed that rock stars had the best life ever and that they never had problems. Or, he did, until he was six. On his birthday, he'd say in the living with Kyrie and Credo. They had been watching the news about their favorite bands and the deaths of Dante's parents had come up. Nero had broken down crying for the older man.

He'd heard every song by DMC so far. He'd always wanted to meet the band. So, he'd decided to save up and work. I'm the meantime, he'd watch every video of theirs on the internet.

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