Chapter 4

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Tyreen's P.O.V

I have a friend called Harry. His nice, so far friendly, handsome and 20% if the worlds #1 boy band, One Directon! Pretty unbelievable.  With my new iPhone, I am so temped to tell my friends. But I have to remember what Harry said, 'my phone number could go into the wrong hands...'. Eerie.

Anyways I have problems here. Bell won't lay a finger off her iPhone. She's gone iphone crazy. My mom wants to seize the phone, but I pleaded. Now I regret getting two prizes instead of one. I should have got the ipad 2 then she wouldn't be crazy. I should go to mom and tell her to take the phone. I have been missing her anyways.

I went downstairs where I met dad and mom with Bella talking about her addiction to the Apple brand.

"Mom and Dad are taking my phone away," she sulked.

"Why?" I asked as if I didn't know. Obviously I did because I don't upset her.

"They say I have a addiction, " she sighed,"so thats why."

We stood in silence.

Somehow in my head I stated rto laughed. "Good for her," I thoughed "no more phone for you."

I left

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