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*Aimee's POV*

"Jayden!" I exclaimed smiling

"Hey Aimee!" He answered, shifting the pizza from one hand to the other.

"So your the pizza guy?" I asked

"Yup! Surprise! I guess?" He exclaimed

"Yeah! Come in!" I opened the door wider

"No, its fine. I have to go deliver more pizza." He said

"Oh ok. Well thanks for bringing the pizza. Let me go get the money real quick." I grabbed the pizza from him and turned around to go get money.

As I turned around, I saw Sarah standing right behind behind me, holding out money.

"Thanks Sarah! You know me so well!" I smiled at her and took the money.

Then, I turned back around and handed it to Jayden.

"Well, I'll see you later Aims." He waved and turned around, walking back to his car.

"Bye! Text me!" I called and closed the door.

I turned around to find Harry behind me. Gosh, why does everyone stand behind me like that?

"Aimee, you didn't tell them that we kissed, even though you promised me that we would tell them when we were at North Hills." He said

"Oops, I was just rushing through my story that I forgot about it. Don't worry Harry, we can tell them now." I reassured him and he looked relieved

"Okay, great!" He started walking towards the kitchen and I followed closely behind.

We walked in and Niall stood up and walked over to me. He grabbed the pizza and walked back to where everyone was sitting at the kitchen table. He did all of this silently. I'll have to talk to him later to see if he's okay.

"So, Harry and I want to tell y'all something." I announced and everyone looked up from their pizza, which they had grabbed as soon as Niall set it down.

"Well, at North Hills, when Aimee had a short encounter with Sydney and Virginia..." Harry looked over to me 

I gave him a warm smile and gestured for him to continue.

"We kissed because Aimee wanted for me to pretend I was her boyfriend to show Andrew that she didn't need him." He rushed out all the words, so it was kind of hard to understand.

"Harry, I did not understand anything you just said." Zayn spoke my thoughts.

"I'll explain." I offered and everyone shifted their attention to me.

"So, when Niall, Harry, and I were at North Hills, we saw Sydney and Virginia. Andrew was with them as well, holding Sydney's hand. I guess they go out or something. So, to show Andrew I didn't need him, I asked Harry to be my boyfriend since Niall was at Chick-Fil-A. Sydney told us to kiss so we could show her we were actually 'dating' and we did."  I said

"So, is there like a romance or something now?" Louis asked mischeviously

"HELL NO!" I blurted out


"So there's nothing going on between you two?" Liam asked

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