30 day shipping challenge (BBC Sherlock MorMor)

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"Jim? Jim...are you here? Jim I..." Sebastian padded around the flat, opening every door he came too and poking his head inside, searching for his boss. "Jim I swear if you don't come here right now I'll...I'll" he mumbled, shaking his head slightly as he continued to throw doors open. His head suddenly snapped up as light footsteps approached from behind the one door he hadn't got to yet. The door slowly opened leaving a weary looking Jim standing in the doorway, glaring up at his sniper.

"What the hell do you want, Moran? Can't you see I'm busy?" Jim growled, gesturing behind him to the great piles of paper stacked on desks and the rows of computer monitors displaying random unreadable text. Well, unreadable to Sebastian anyway. He continued to face down Seb, refusing to take his eyes off the taller man before he would move.

"Well...err" Sebastian stuttered slightly as he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "I err... Just wanted you to umm...to know that well. You were right I guess. I mean, I suppose you were right....about me." He looked down at the floor while continuing to mess with his hair.

"What the hell are you on about? Stop stuttering you idiot." Jim growled, still scowling at his tiger.

"You said that I was stupid. You were right, I'm so so stupid. And I'm sorry and I wish..." He looked up again, staring into the eyes of his employer, hoping for any sign that he wasn't going to be shot there and then. Jim's expression softened slightly as he tilted his head to the side giving Seb a questioning look.

"What have you done?" he said sternly, rolling his head slightly on his shoulders.

"I didn't think...I...I. I'm so stupid. Sorry. I'm sorry."

"What the hell has gotten into you 'Bastian? You are acting bloody weird. Are you drunk or something?"

"What? No...no I just realised. I'll never be as good at anything as you. I'm just here to shoot things and do your bidding. I'm too stupid to ever come up with my own plans and when I try to plan stuff it just...well this happens" Sebastian threw his arms into the air in frustration, trying not to start shouting in his anger. Jim smirked slightly as he stepped forward towards Seb.

"Basher, why are you panicking so much? You can't have done anything that stupid. You aren't stupid, I just say things. You know that by now."

"Well err... I was in the basement and umm I was mapping out where to find my next target and err...oh god I'm so stupid. I kinda' broke your tiger statue..."

"You know what I said about you not being stupid? Yeah, I was right, you are stupid. I bloody hate you, you know"

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