Chapter 6 - A second opinion

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Chapter 6 - A second opinion

William pov-_________________________

"Yes Sir,'s something about Sutcliff."......................................................

Walking down the hallways of the dispatch housing building I can still hear Knox's words rolling in my head. At first i was annoyed this had all been kept from me but knowing Grell i can not say that i am surprised. He always has been one to play things on a need to know basis. Most of which he never felt that i needed to know, specially if it would get him in trouble or mean overtime.

"Its just that,Ever since Senpai has been back he hasn't been quite the same. He made me promise not to tell but Boss...I really am worried. He's been sick almost every day and one day he even fainted, if i hadn't been there he would have cracked his head on the walk way. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner but i thought Grell would just get better and bounce back like he always dose." Knox finished looking like a scolded child with his hands in his pockets.

"Thank you for informing me Mr.Knox, it was the correct course of action and i will see to it that Sutcliff dose not remand you for it. You may go."

I was able to be calm considering the information that was just now making its way to my attention. Just as promised i was returning home on my lunch hour, however i spoke to one of the secondary management officers about minding my office for the duration of the work day. Citing a family emergency as my reason for leaving early. ...Family emergency I wrote that so easily, Sutcliff really has ingrained himself into my life rather quickly . The weight of those two little words is proof enough, yet I don't mind. I would even say it feels oddly good to have someone waiting for me, its hard to believe now all the years i balked that feeling. Saying i didn't need the distraction, true Grell is a distraction but not a terrible one. Being a shinigami for most of us meant loosing your memories of the family you had when you where alive. Unless of course you went searching in the library for your own records, though no one really did that. I myself had the option of being given my record once i had reached management and declined. I didn't see the use in seeing the life i had before as.

There where only a hand full of us who had any real family, Alan Humprises had been one of only a few born shinigami i had ever known. There where a few married couples about the office but with work hours and the dangerous of the job few acctualy settled down. Marrage...thats something i never thought I would never so much as entertain in my thought processes.

Coming up on the door to my home knowing that it is not empty anymore, that in fact that there's someone just beyond the turn of a key. Maybe I will start thinking of things I never have before . For starters this secrecy ends today, I will get to the bottom of what is wrong with Sutcliff and i know just where to go to get my answer.


"Sutcliff, wake up and get dressed." William said pulling back the curtain on the slumbering reaper.

Grell moaned covering his head with a pillow. " Darling please I don't want to go out."

Spears rolled his eyes pulling the blanket away, the red head in turn curling up in a ball and glaring at him. "What the hell Will, you told me to rest and now you drag me out of bed? "

Grell snorted, annoyed making a move to kick the dark haired man in the face for disturbing his beauty rest. However William for saw this type of reaction and grabbed the offending foot before it could connect with his jaw.

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