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Harry's P.O.V

Why am I such a fuck up? Usually when I met are girl we kiss, hook up, and never talk to each other again. but Diana is different. she try's to understand and not push my to the curb.
And I can tell from the fact she yelled at me she protects the people she loves. maybe I'm just to big of an ass to see that. when you see your dad murder your mom and you big sister as a child you grow up a little fucked up.
I should have been easier on her. bit really, her uncle is protecting, ME? no one would do that for me. my friend Jack is the reason I got caught. he just had to kill that whore in the alley then shoots my foot so I can't leave.
I should have been smarter.

Diana's P.O.V

Fuck my temper. this is why I'm always single, every boyfriend has mad fun of my uncle and I have yell at them for it. I'm such a fucking fuck up. why would my my commit suicide when she has a daughter to raise? I need so much right now. My dad would tell my this is just a small conflict in the battle field of love, soon it will be over, when we realize what were fighting over is childish.
I gathered the courage to go to Harry's room. I knocked lightly on the wooden door, feeling the scratchy paint kiss the thin layer of skin on my knuckles. "Come in." he said frustrated. I walked in slowly, holding my breath.
He had is hands in his hair, as if he just made the worst mistake. "what do you want Diana? a apology? don't hold your br-" I cut him off. "why can't you care about anyone? what happened to you that was so terrible you can't love anyone, including yourself?" he took a big inhale. "you really want to know?" I nodded, unsure of what I would hear. "my mom and my sister were murdered in front of me." I let out my breath.

(Authors note: sorry the chapter was short but I want to give a shout out to Niallsmines and Sophie2511. And a shout out to my friend Chloe's story worst party ever! Go read it now or no chocolate for anyone!! Love you guys and go read Sophie2511's like hemmings' fan fic just friend? It's sick!

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