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"today was just like yesterday,
and the day before,
and all other days you left.

I'm done, really.

what about me, huh?

did you ever think about me?

did you know what I did for you?

I don't think you understand, really.

see, my life didn't just stay still for a bit when you left,

it went away.

it's gone.

can't you see?

can't you see me standing on this bridge today?

should I jump just like you did?"

"I don't think you exactly understand.

I loved you.

but I knew myself first, sort of.

so I'm first,

my wants are first,

before your 'needs'.

see, I loved you.

but those times are gone,

because I am gone.

I am not saying that I had a moment where I didn't think of you,

or that I didn't think about you,

im simply saying you need to let go,

no matter how much I don't want you to"

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