My Wish Ch. 22

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4/6/14-Last updated

(Percy POV)

Destroy Olympus. No. Yes! NO! My sides are arguing in the son of Nike's body. Destroy, no! Yes! No! I stumbled, no, my body stumbled. My parents were still fighting the Olympians. I unsheathed Antioylmpus. Time to be Pro-Olympus. I unsheathed Antiolympus then stabbed at my Archilles Heel. With my evil side screaming,"NO!!!" There then was something that felt like my inside explode. I crumbled to the ground, clutching my bloody back. Where my evil side and my nice side was connected to this body. Weird huh? Both my Archilles Heels were at my back. All fighting abruptly stopped. Everyone dropped there weapons in surprise. Annabeth was trying to stop all the bleeding. Artemis just shook her head sadly. Everyone ran to my side. My parents, all the Olympians, everyone. My parents had tears in their eyes. Even Poseidon. I felt that my body was on fire. I understood the little chat with my dead friends. And what they were trying to say. This must have been what Luke felt.

(Artemis POV)

Percy's eyes turned green, then black, mixing like crazy. He then.... then, a nuclear explosion, no, it was like a nuclear explosion. His skin was like it was on fire. My skin felt like I had just touched my father's Master Bolt. The hero of Olympus managed to say,"My wish... don't kill my mom... mom and step-, stepdad.... I know... chaos I did... my army people.. people all dead, monsters all gone." He moistened licked his cracked and dried lip. Continuing with difficulty,"Don't let... happen.. gan'.... visit children.. once.... *cough* a month..... My wish."  He held out Antiolympus, and put it in Annabeth's hand. Then, his hand and body went limp. The great hero of Olympus, died.

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