The First Crack

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Above is Sienna's house!!!

Once my dad had drove me home in his silver Mercedes, I dumped my schoolbag in the hallway of my ample-sized house and bounced my way up the red-carpeted stairs, as usual.

Last year, when I turned sixteen, my parents had mutually decided that it would be better for me to live alone with minimal supervision so I could become used to being responsible and whatnot. So mum had put the house in my name and made sure to drop in now and then to spy on me.

 Anyway, after daydreaming for a while, I decided to get dressed. I whipped off my skirt, shirt, tights, tie and blazer and changed into a bright, oversized dance T-shirt and my dark, highwaisted shorts. I couldn't be bothered with socks as it was the middle of July!

As I was combing my hair in the mirror, my phone beeped.

MASON:  Hey! Xoxoxox 

I grinned and quickly replied.

ME: Hiya! Xoxoxox

My heart pounded as my screen told me that he was typing back. 

MASON: What are you up to? Xoxoxox 

I combed out the last knot in my hair before replying.

ME: Nothing much, just doing my hair. What about you? Xoxoxox

I waited ages for his reply. He was generally a slow texter but he kept me waiting for at least fifteen minutes. I was a very fast texter so this frustrated me immensely. It was plain torture!

Finally, my screen told me that he was typing.

MASON: Sofia came to talk to me... Xoxoxox

My heart did a quick back flip in my throat as I tried to muster a reply in my head. Eventually I replied.

ME: Oh yeah, haha. She told me. What did you say? Xoxoxox

Of course, I knew that Sofia had asked him out for me.

MASON: I said 'obviously!' Sienna, you're fit! Xoxoxox

I almost laughed aloud! I had to put up a happy front, a wall around me to hide my inner self so that I seemed playful and less serious but when he said that, I knew that shit just got real. I knew he was joking about me being fit because we were practically family but we had a 'flirt'ationship. I wanted a 're'lationship.

ME: Haha, yeah right. ;) Xoxoxox 

MASON: So, are we going out? Xoxoxox 

I gasped. Did the person who I have wanted to go out with since forever just ask me that? I did not have a clue what to say so I batted the ball back into his court.

ME: I don't know. It is up to you really... Xoxoxox

I just prayed. I prayed that he would say yes because if he did not, I would never live it down.

 I weighed out my chances of him saying yes. We had had the experience of Camp and he had held my hand and hugged me as if he did not want to let go so I only figured that I had a good chance. A nagging voice in the back of my head told me that he would say no. I tried to ignore it but the seconds ticking by and my pounding heart told me louder and louder that he was going to say no. Finally, he replied.

MASON: Erm...I say we're not. :) Xoxoxox

My heart sank deeper than it had ever sunk before. 

I finally fell into a deep, dream-ravaged sleep. I dreamt (naturally,) about Mason

 We were in school and he had told everyone, including his idiotic twat of a friend Jordan, that I fancied him and Jordan had spread it all over school. People pointed at me and laughed and the dream somehow shifted so that we were on the set of Titanic or something, and he was being carried away from me on merciless, inky blue waters. I screamed and woke up immediately, realising that it was simply a dream. I slowed my erratic breathing from short, choppy gasps to silent, low breaths and ran my fingers through my light blonde, tangled hair, pulling it away from my eyes. My forehead and cheeks were burning hot and my entire body was perspiring.

"Just a nightmare," I whispered to myself. "Just a nightmare."

I caught a glance at my alarm clock. It was 8:01am. My first instinct was to jump out of bed and get ready for school as I was already late but then I realised that my alarm had not woken me up. It was the summer holidays! This was my first day of freedom. I grinned at the green glowing letters, staring at me soundlessly and rolled onto my side, facing the wall and went back to sleep. This time, I slept lightly and peacefully.

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