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Wow bruh

I thought it was just us

But at the same time I guess I can't be mad

Cause you only had one

But I know I had more than that

But it hurts me more than it hurts you

Cause it brings me back to memories

When I didn't have you

When you told me how he took your innocence

And through every detail I tried not to flinch

Cause I didn't want you to know how much I cared

How much of these soft feelings that were never shared

But I promise I won't trip

I won't give you lip

Cause I love you no matter what

But at the same time there's supposed to be trust

But I guess you never really lied to begin with

There was never problems at the start of this

But I want you know

That I'm a jealous woman

I want you and you can have me

But nobody else

So you can't be that free

This game is unfair

And I know that now

But I love you for forever

And we can't go back now

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