chapter one

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"I'm so sorry Lilly." Mike's mother voice cracked. "He's gone."

Those two words. Those two words that you wished you would have never heard. They felt like if someone punched you in the face over and over again. Your best friend, your other half, your boyfriend... he was gone, and you couldn't do anything to change it. Your knees became weak and they hit the floor, then, you started to cry, with your phone still in your hands. You couldn't believe what was happening; you just wanted to wake up and find him in the other side of the bed, saying that it was only a dream... but that wasn't going to happen. It wasn't a dream, but a nightmare, and that nightmare was real.

Seven months already after all this happened. You thought time would make everything different, a little easier, but you were wrong. You didn't go outside, you were always at home, hardly ever eating, sleeping just two hours every night, not talking with anyone, except your mother. She was worried about you.

"My love, you should go outside... you need some fresh air and...." you cut her.

"I'm not going anywhere." you said. "But I just..." "No mom! Just stop it!" you yelled at her, you felt bad, but it was too late. You shouted to the only one who tried to cheer you up. She got up with watery eyes and left the house.

You knew she was right, and after another two months, you decided to go outside. You got some old clothes, and put some make up on, hiding your dark circles under your eyes.

Took a deep breathe. Opened the door and closed it behind you. The sun hit you in the eyes, you actually missed being outside. You started walking, about 3 hours passed and you wanted to drink a coffee. You sat on a table and took a sip of it, and put the cup again in the table, with both of your hands taking it. You started thinking about all the moments you had with Mike, all the things you would have loved to do, but didn't. After you noticed it, you were sobbing. A guy that was sitting in the next table noticed you and looked at you, he had sad eyes and you looked to other side. Suddenly you saw a body next to you, you looked up and saw two beautiful blue eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked softly. "Yes" You simply replied and he raised an eyebrow. "No" You said again, looking down and crying even more. He sat next to you and he put his left arm on your shoulders. "I know we don't know each other but if you want to talk about something, i'm all ears." He smiled a little. "Well, my boyfriend... he passed away some months ago, and I still didn't get over it" You said in a very low voice, you thought he didn't even hear you. "awww... i'm... i'm so sorry, really" he said, giving you a tight hug, they were just like Mike's hugs, and that made you cry again. He kept saying things like "don't cry please", "i'm so sorry", "i'm here for you"... He went to his table and took his tea, and came again, and you both talked way a lot. He seemed like a nice guy, he was funny and looked like he really cared about you, even if he met you just an hour ago. Suddenly he looked his watch. "I'm sorry but I have to go now, it was nice to meet you..." "Lilly" You smiled. "I'm Jared. Here you have my number, hope you call me soon." He handed you a paper with a number on it. "I will." You got up looking at the floor. He lifted your chin and said, "I hope I could make you feel better, you don't deserve to be this sad, okay? Just keep smiling and stay strong." He smiled, it was such a very sweet smile you must say, and left. Three days after, you took the paper and looked at it, thinking if you were ready to start seeing another guy. You smiled, took your phone and called him.

"Who's that?" he asked.

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