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The knocking on my door six in the morning woke me up. I push open my window, still not able to see. "Who the hell is it?" I snap, trying to adjust my eyes.

"I was going to call you last night, Luke, but I need your help." 

Opening my eyes, not caring about the adjustment, I see Hazel Grace standing there looking graceful as ever. "Help with what? Here, come up. Second door to the right." I throw my key down so she could open the door. 

When I heard the door shut, I waited for her to come in. Once she did, I told her not to turn that light on. I turned on the lamp, and stare at her. "What's so important that it had to be six in the morning?" I ask, and she sighs.

"Take down Carter." 

She took my offer. I literally gagged when I saw that.

To my surprise, she got the picture blown out to poster size.There were four. "I know they don't open the school until seven thirty but then teachers will be there. That prank you did in tenth grade you had to sneak into the school, so could you help me?"

Looking at her, I smirk, "Goody-two-shoes into a badass over a crush. Hmm, I'd love to see this!" 

"Luke!" She whined. "I'm serious."

I decided to tease her, "Why, you hate me?"

"And everyone knows you got in an argument with Carter, so I know you want this too."

It was true. I recently did get in an argument with Carter about Glenda. 

"Okay, let's go Hazel Grace."


It took me fifteen minutes to convince Hazel to climb into Mr. Colon's window on the second floor. I had grabbed a big bin from the side of the school to get myself up, and so I could boost her up. Pulling her up, we stumbled back, so I was holding her waist. We stood like that for a moment, then I lift her.

My hands either had to drop her, or push her by her butt, and I'm guessing everyone's knows what I did. Once she gets up, she rolls in the classroom. I run to the front door and when she opens it, she looked so freaked. "We're not going to get caught, Hazel. I promise." 

We took two each of the posters. She put one on his locker, I put one on Gretchen's, one in the lunch room, and one - I boosted her - on the ceiling.

"He's going to crumble!"

"Yeah, yeah! I hear cars, get in a locker." 


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