Chapter 32

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Bella's P.O.V

"Edward!" I called while looking at a package from the Volturi. He came running in and stopped dead in his tracks while looking at the box. "Read the card." He said roughly. I picked it off from the tape and slowly opened it to see Aro's neat cursive writing. "We have heard the pleasured news of Meagan being old enough to join the guard we ask that you bring her down to Volterra where we will deal with her transformation. If you refuse this request, we will do otherwise." I read out load. "Don't!" Alice yelled while running in the room. "Don't say anything, Jane's watching us." She whispered as quiet as possible.

I swallowed loudly, pretended she said nothing, then looked through the box and saw the Volturi necklace with the robe. "We'll have to tell them we refuse." I noted with a rough voice. Alice gave me a look that hissed, "Bella!". I suddenly released what I had just said. "Great, now she's gone and going to to tell the Volturi!" Alice yelled. "Cynthia found a loophole." Edward suddenly said before running outside. Everyone followed him to where Cynthia had come walking out of the forest alone.

"What's your loophole?" I asked her. "My cousin. But she can't come here for another 3 days." Cynthia told us. "We'll all be dead in 3 days." Meagan said. We all turned to Alice who gave us an unhopeful look. "I'm not saying she's right. But it's a chance." Alice added to her look. "Cynthia, how could your cousin help us." I asked. "Her power is the opposite of Katie's, she can slow down the growth of anything or anyone, so i've asked her to make Meagan an 9 year old again." She told us. "She can do that?!" I almost yelled, sounding hopeful. "Yes." Cynthia smiled. "Alice, keep an eye on the Volturi 24/7." Edward told her. Alice nodded while rolling her eyes.

"Okay, so if they don't come within 3 days, then we have a chance of reasoning with them and surviving, right?" I asked. "Yeah." Cynthia whispered. "This could go terribly wrong, though." Jasper said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "They could mistaken Meagan as an immortal child, and then come after us right then and there." He said. I looked at Edward who had a focused face while looking at Meagan. "We'll just have to see." Esme sighed. Everyone gave each other glances, glances of both hope and fear.


-3 days later-

It's been three days and we're still alive but Alice had a vision that the Volturi are coming at 5 PM sharp this afternoon and it's 1 PM with no sign of Cynthia's cousin. "Cynthia, where is she?" Edward asked, getting impatient. "Looking for me?" A female musical voice called out from the doorway. The women's strawberry hair fell down to her knees and had withhold tight curls, her pasture was extremely perfect for an average vampire, she had blue jeans with holes in the knees, and a black leather jacket that was placed perfectly over top of her white blouse.

"I'm Phoebe." She smiled. "What the hell took you so long!" Cynthia yelled at her. "Sorry, I ran into the Volturi." She sighed while rolling her eyes. "What did they say?" Edward asked while standing up. "He's creating some army to fight a family whom he says 'Is holding a treasure of mine' I have no idea what that's suppose to mean." She said. "You didn't tell her?" Jacob asked Cynthia. "Phoebe, he was talking about us." I said.

"What?" She asked. "Edward and Bella had recently got married and they showed up saying that want Meagan to be part of the guard when she's older and Katie increased her growth rate. I few weeks ago this 18 year old teenager was an 9 year old little girl." Cynthia told her. "Katie, that bitch." Phoebe whispered. "Please Phoebe, all we ask is you make her an 9 year old again." Edward begged. "Okay, I will, under one condition." She said. I nodded, saying to offer one up. "If the Volturi ask, I was not part of this." She whispered.

"Done." I said. "Okay." She said. "These will take an hour though." She said. "We just have enough time." I told her. "Meagan, follow me." She told her before they walked up the stairs.


"Guys, she's ready." Phoebe said while walking down the stairs an hour later. We all walked up the stairs in silence and suspense. When we walked into Carlisle's office 9 year old Meagan was running around the room, catching snow flakes as Cynthia made it snow. I smiled from ear-to-ear as I heard her little giggles once again. "Mommy!" She laughed before running over and hugging me. "Now, she won't remember any matured-teenage things that she knew about an hour ago but other then that you should be good. She should only know the things she knew before turning into an 18 year old." Phoebe told me as I held Meagan.

"Thank-you Phoebe, so much." I whispered to her. "Any time, but remember our deal." She said before speeding off and disappearing. "She is like, gone now?" Rose asked. "Probably, she might visit, I don't know." Leo said. "Mommy, can we go play outside?" Meagan asked. "No, Meagan. But we need to tell you something." I said while bringing her to the bed.

"You remember the Volturi, right?" I asked. "Are they gonna hurt me again?" She asked. "No sweetie. But they are coming here in a few hours." I told her softly. "Am I gonna die?" She asked. "No." I said while pulling her in my arms. "I've said this before, i'll never let anyone hurt you." I told her among her hair. "Okay." She smiled among my chest. I pulled away and stroked her hair before kissing her forehead.

-3 hours later-

"They'll be here any minute." Alice whispered as everyone stood out in the backyard. We all stared into the dark forest, not making a sound. I could hear Meagan's nervousness from down below where she hid behind me with her head peeking out and her hand clutching mine. Her heart was racing, her breathing was fast, and her palms where sweaty. "You're gonna be okay." Edward whispered down to her. I smiled as he kissed the top of her head. "The wolfs are coming." Alice announced. Seconds later, twigs snapped from behind us and all of Jacob's pack came walking out.

"You remember what the plan is if they come after us, right?" I whispered i to Jacob's big ear when he stopped beside me. He nodded his big head then turned to Meagan who smiled at him. "Bella." Edward whispered as all the wolfs stiffened. I looked at him whom was looking out to the bush in front of us. Groups of 10,20,30, even 40 vampires emerged from the forest all in black coats, all lined up one-by-one. We were out numbered by 100's. I released they were gathering an army not to capture Meagan, but to fight.

But we weren't ready to fight, not with only 25 people.



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I know you guys are upset that i'm not making a sequel to this book, but I just can't see myself making one. The next chapter will be the last one to this book. Sorry.

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