Jessica's pov

Me and Ashton continue to stand opposite each other and glare at one another hoping the other person will back down but neither of us do until we hear Jackson clear his throat so we both turn our heads to face him at the same time. He stands there awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yeah dad married his mum a few months ago so..." I was about to make some snotty remark but I suddenly remember the state I left my dorm in and my brother still alone when I was suposed to be with him.

"Ow shit!" I put my hand on my forehead and start frantically looking around for my phone. The boys look at me as if I've lost the plot, which I do not appreciate.

"Babe what's wrong?" I look at Jackson for a second before returning to looking for my phone.

"My dorm, the state I left it in and Mike I left him all alone" Jacksons face turns back into realization but Ashtons turns into a smirk

"Wait so your banging my brother but you have a boyfriend back at your dorm and you know about this" I glare at him before finally finding my phone under the bed. When I stand back up I continue to glare at Ashton.

"No actually, he's my little brother so shut the fuck up you fag" I almost laugh at the shocked expression on Ashtons face but turn to face Jackson. I kiss him on the lips before heading towards the door. I turn back to face them, well Jackson.

"Ill talk to you later babe" he nods then I walk out and practically run back to my dorm. When I get back I'm out of breath from running one end of the dorms to the other. I walk in and find absoloutely no mess, any where. Everythings back the way it was or anything that broke is in the bin. I look around and find Mike asleep on the sofa with a piece of paper in his hands. I smile at how peacefull he looks but yet exhausted. Poor baby, he cleaned up all of this for me after I left him then slept on the couch instead of the bed, this is another reason I love ny brother to bits sometimes. I quietly walk over to him and take the piece of paper out of his hands. My eyes widen when I see the photo on the front. How the hell did he get this?? I stare at it in disbelief for a while longer before walking over to my dresser and putting it under the clothes in my top draw. I thought that had been destroyed? Don't get me wrong I am over thrilled that it made it, but how the hell did Mike get it?

I turn back around when I hear someone grumbling, I see Mike sitting upright with his arms stretched above his head and his head tilted to the side. I walk over to the sofa and sit down next to him. He sits on the far end of the sofa so I rest my head on his lap and lay down, he wraps his arm around my waist and strokes the top of my head with his other ahnd. I face up and look at him as he looks at me while faceing down. He smiles at me which I return.

"Thanks Mikey" he frowns in confusion which makes me chuckle.

"What for?"

"Well for starters for cleaning up the apartment and second, for just generally being the best brother ever" this time he chuckles at me.

"Are you feeling ok, are you really my sister" we laugh for a second before things turn serious again.

"No I'm serious Mikey, I've had to deal with a lot of shit and you have allways been there for me even if it ruined your 'bad boy' reputation, I put our family through hell and you stuck with me through all of it. I know we act like we hate each other but in the end I know we would die for each other. I couldn't imagine life without you Mikey, you have been my light when I was in the darkness, you might be younger but in the end you've been the one to guide me through life, you stick up for me all the time Mikey" I start crying at the emotional flashbacks and I can see him on the verge of crying aswell "I can't thank you enough Mikey, I love you so much" he hugs me tighter which I return the best I can when were in this position.

"I love you so much jess, I might act like a dick to you but in reality you are the closest person to me in my life, the amount of times I've wanted to give up on everything...just end the pain but then I remember I still have you here to help me. You've saved me more times than I can count, I will love you forever and allways Jess, remember that whenever you feel down or upset, that you will allways have someone" he pauses for a second as I start crying harder and he start crying softley. "Someone that loves you" by this point we're both in tears. This is the first time we've opened u properly to each other and hearing how he basically wanted his life to end just shatters me into pieces, how could I have not noticed his pain? I allways tought he was just a stuck up spoilt kid but he's so much more, he's and angel in disguse as a devil. He's broken inside he's just misunderstood and I, his own sister judged him before looking deeper and seeing the truth.

"I'm so sorry Mikey, for not notecing the pain you was going through, for just thinking the worst of you, I'm so sorry I never realied I'm sorry I was a bad sister. I love you so much and I promise I will be a better sister even if we are ages away from each other, I will allways be there for you when you need me, I promise"

"You allways have been even if you don't realise it. Thank you Jess, I promise ill be a better brother aswell. I love you" he hugs me again before we wipe away our tears.

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