Chapter 9

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I fall asleep in Jeff's arms when watching the movie.

Jeff {P.O.V}

Sky is so cute when sleeping on me with her head gust right on my chest. when I fell my phone go off "who the hell is it ?" I said into the phone "nice to hear from you to" " Ben what the hell do you want I'm busy with something" "Jeff Sally wants to know when your coming back ?" I look at Sky who was still sleeping "I don't know Ben I'm with Sky at the....." I'm cut of by Ben "so you to are a couple once more nice bro nice" "Ben tell Sally that I will be there maybe by tomorrow" "Ok Jeff but Sally not going to like whiting for you to get you ass over here" "Ben this is Sally were talking about she'll be fine" "whatever sell you later bro" "you 2" I hang up and slowly pass out with one arm around Sky.

Sky {P.O.V}

I wake up with one of Jiff's arms around me. I smile and kiss hem on the check "I love you" I whisper in his ear. I get up and go into the kitchen when my phone go's off the caller ID said mom calling "Hi mom what's up ?" "Hi honey I gust was checking in how are you ?" "I'm fine hey mom can my boyfriend stay over a night." there was a pause and then she said "of course Sky you father would stay nights at my house when we dating" "thank you mom !" "sure sweetheart bye" "bye mom" I hear the buzzer go off "Jeff's hoodie is done I walk in to the room and pulled it out when something falls out "what the ?" I said I picked it up and unfolded it was a pitcher of a family I look closely at it. It had a lovey woman and man with 2 boys. I look at the boy one the right very closely and then I look at Jeff and back aging over and over. Until it hits me this is Jeff's family and that boy is Jeff before he looks the way he dose. It don't matter I still love Jeff with all of heart I refold the pitcher and place it back in the hoodie I walk back out in to the living room were Jeff was know laying on the couch I fold his hoodie on the table in front of hem it was late and I was tired so I was about tom go up the fight of stairs when I hear Jeff said "what no good night kiss ?" I turn to see Jeff right be hide me "I thought you were sleeping ?" I said in my low cool voice "not until I get my kiss" Jeff garbed my waist and slowly pulled me in to hem when we kiss it was slow, long and a bit hard point to point. When pushed back to give me some air. "good night Jeff" I said as I tried to walk away. But Jeff didn't let go "hold it Sky" Jeff said "what ?" I said turning back to hem. "one more" he said as he lead in to kiss me and he did "Jeff if you want me to stay up I'll stay up it's only Friday" "that sounds good" "oh dose it" I said in my best mocking voice. Right before we kissed once more his phone start to ring he look at me and smiled "one min. Sky" he lets me go and picked up his phone. "what the hell Ben I told you I was busy with something...." Jeff looks at me and smiles "important" I could hear what this Ben guy was saying "Sally not waiting foe you ! you either get over here or Sally is going to find you" "SHIT ! ok Ben I'll be there soon" Jeff hanged up "Sky I have to go Sally is going crazy" He said grabbing his hoodie "Jeff who is this Sally and Ben ?" He stood there "sky it's better is I showed you" I ran and got my shoes and my jacket to see Jeff standing in the door way waiting for me "thx Jeff" I said closing the door and locking it be hind me. We got to the woods and my heart stood still once more. 'Sky are you ok ?" Jeff said "yea why ?" I said looking in to his eyes "Because your holding my arm like your going to be killed." Jeff said "sorry Jeff" I said as I let go "no it's ok I like it" Jeff said pulling me back hem " you ready Sky ?" I look at Jeff " lets go" I said as me and Jeff walk in the dark woods. We walk until I lose Jeff "Jeff ? Jeff were are you ?" it was to dark to see I trip over a tree root and fall in to something "you ok Sky ?" Jeff said helping me up "I'm fine thx Jeff" I said giving hem a kiss on the check. "Come on Sky were almost there". We walk up to this mansion I stood there "what is it ?" Jeff said "Jeff your house !" I said as Jeff put his hand around my waist. "come on" Jeff said helping me up the starts "hold on let me go tell them that your here" Ok" I said with a smile. Jeff walks in and I could hear talking about me about 5 min. later a tall man that had no face walks out my heart stops as it go's in to a panic " are you Sky ?" He said some how with out a mouth "yes I'm am" He reached out his hand "Hello Sky I'm the slander man" I tock it nice to meet you slander man" I said with a smile "please come in". I walk in and the house was gust wow I count say how it looked in words. Jeff comes up to me "come on you must meet the rest of the family." He said grabbing and pulling my arm. We go in the living room were a boy dress like link is playing a zombie game "Ben this is Sky " Jeff said. Ben stops play and looks at me he gets up and walks over "nice to meet you Sky" Ben said as he kissed the back of my hand. "Yea Sky is MY girlfriend" Jeff said wrapping his hand around my waist. "Calm down bro" "JEFF !?!?". This little girl comes running up to Jeff and wraps her arms around his legs . She was so cute she was wearing a pink dress that was a little dirty and had some blood on it. When I saw her face it had a line of blood running down it. "Who's this ?" Sally whispered in Jeff's ear "Sally this Sky she's my girlfriend" Jeff said. Sally ran over to me and looks at me with bright eyes and a big smile "your pretty I see why Jeff loves you'. Ben smiled and laugh and she giggled and when I look at Jeff and I could see a little pink on his face. I feel Jeff's hands wrap around his fingers tangled with mine. "Come on Sky there's one more person I want you to meet" Jeff said "ok" I said flowing hem in to a kitchen. When I walked in there was a guy that was wearing a mask and a  jacket with blue jeans. "Masky I want you to meet Sky" Jeff said later when  I was done meeting every one Jeff took me to his room. I lay on the bed as Jeff comes up to me standing over me "come one dinner while be ready soon" Jeff said. So I get up and walk over to Jeff. He wraps his hands around my waist and smoothly pull me in. then he kissed me over and over. He pushed me in to the wall and Kissed harder and rough. then Sally came in and we both break away form each other "Come on you 2 dinner is ready" Sally said in sweet voice.                      

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