Chapter 1

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Samantha's POV.

Rain was pouring outside. I was watching the rain from the window in my room, till my mom walked in.

"Honey are you ok" she said. You may think she's nice, but if you know her she isn't. "Yeah, i just have nothing to do" i said. "Then go clean the dishes!" she screamed and walked out of my room.

I just rolled my eyes and did what i was told, like if i had a choice. While i was cleaning i thought. I never get out of the house, only for two things school and to go with my parents places.

Glass shatters on the floor. "Crap! I'm screwed" i screeched. "What the fuck, you broke my favorite wine glass!" my mom yelled. She grabs me by the arm and slaps me right across my face.

I started crying and ran to my room without anything to say. I wish i was able to call "911", but i don't have a phone and I'm 16 already. She just doesn't trust me with that.

I wish my dad was still alive, he would protect me from this non sense. He died from a heart attack when he was 48 years old. His name was Antonio Espinosa.

I've always wondered if the is anyone who could rescue me from this mess. With that thought i feel asleep.

"Wake up my sunshine" my mom said. If you tell my mom is totally bi-polar. She truly changes attitudes pretty fast. "I'm up" i said. She left my room and i got dressed.

This was my first year ever going to a public school, I've always been home schooled. Basically you can tell i was hidden from a lot of things.

"Hi! I'm Jenna Bader" she said with a high pitched voice. "Hey, I'm Samantha Espinosa" i said. " No freaking way" she screamed. I was confused. "Well, I'm gonna be late I'll see you later.

She was weird. I get to class on time, which is English. "Today everyone is gonna get to know their classmates" said Mr. Soto. He picked a girl and boy to pair for each pair.

Finally he said "Matthew with Samantha". We sit down together and he looks at me funny. "What's your last name?" he asked.

Hoped you enjoyed the first chapter of my book. This is my second book about Matthew Espinosa. -Alejandra

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