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There was a boy in her room. It was Elle's cousin, Dave.

Christmas Eve. Elle was busy preparing and cooking for tonight's dinner. Today is the big day for her because Wesley, her boyfriend, will finally introduce her to his parents as his girlfriend. 

"I'm done!" Dave gleefully said. Elle nod her head and smiled. 

"You helped me because you want that." Yuri chuckled while pointing at the pasta.

"You know I can't resist food especially when it's pasta." Dave said and they both laughed.

"Oh by the way, where is your future husband---I mean where's Wesley?" Dave said while washing his hands.

"He's busy." Elle said, taking a bite of pizza she made.

"He always makes excuses." Dave shook his head and sat down in a chair. "He's supposed to be here, helping you with these."

"It's okay. He's busy and I let him see his friends." Elle said.

"That's stupid, Elle. He's busy and don't have much time. He need to spend his free time with you and not with his friends. I'm warning you, Elle. He's not the right guy." Elle knows that Dave only cares but she really love Wesley. She's hurting herself for love, that's for sure.

"I don't want a fight. Yes, I'm the one who is adjusting and I'm fine with that." Elle said trying to wash all the negative thoughts.

"You really love him and that what makes you stupid." he said.


Later on, Elle decided to call his lover. 
She took her phone out of her pocket and dialed Wesley's number.

"Hello, Love? It's late and---"

"Elle, Seriously? I'm talking to my parents right now. We're on our way. Can't you be patient?" he said, almost shouting.

"Oh really?! I'm Sorry. I'll call you later. Bye, I love--"

Before Elle even finishes, Wesley hanged up.

She was shocked probably because Wesley never hanged up the phone when Elle is still speaking. And he never cut Elle when she's speaking on the phone. He even wanted to hear Elle speaking on the phone but now... What happened?

"Maybe he's in a bad mood right now..." Elle thought for awhile and stood up.

She looked at her wrist watch. 7:15 PM. While waiting for Wesley, she went up to her room and she saw picture frames, their pictures on the frames to be exact. 

"Memories..." she whispered to herself while a tear fell down her cold cheeks.

Even though Wesley is busy, she makes time for Elle... but that was before. It's different now. It seems that she's sleeping for a long time. She doesn't want to think any negative thoughts but how can she refrain from doing that if she's lonely and alone? These past three weeks, Wesley is giving her a cold treatment and she can't help but to feel alone.

She took the picture frame and laid in her bed. She smiled while staring at their picture,  it was their first Christmas together. 4 years of being together. Elle haven't meet his parents yet because his parents are in Canada. Wesley didn't tell his parents that he has a girlfriend because he wants his parents to personally meet Elle. 

She closed her eyes while hugging the picture frame. Eyes closed she wished, 'I wish the old Wesley is back. I wish the old Wesley who cheers me up, always there for me, who always have surprises on his sleeves. Who kisses me when I'm sad, happy and angry. I wish I can spend more time with him.' even herself was shocked. She opened her eyes and sighed. She just missed her lover so much. She can't help but to think of negative thoughts. She's too innocent. She's too pure for pain and heartbreaks.

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