Chapter 6

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Outside the Girls' Apartment

"Why don't you Bella and Madi stay at our place?", asked Steven.

"Yeah, you girls can just grab some clothes from your place and spend the night again.", suggested Duff.

"Do you want to babe? Please.", Izzy begged me. I looked at Madi who was beaming at Duff.

"Sure.", we replied at the same time.

"Great, now let's just get you girls some clothes and you can meet us back downstairs.", Izzy said to Madi and I.

"Ok, see you in a bit babe.", I said to Izzy as Madi and I headed up the stairs to our apartment.

Izzy's POV:

As we walked down the steps the boys started asking me questions.

"Dang man, you really like her, huh?", asked Slash.

"Are in love with her?", asked Steven.

"I don't know man. I mean there's defiantly something special about her. And I really do like her, I think I'm gonna take her out soon. Hey, why don't you ask Duff some of these questions?!", I asked annoyed at determination to talk to me. I want necessarily the most talkative person, and right now I didn't really wanna talk. I'd much rather prefer to listen.

They soon started to bombard Duff with the same questions. "So, you really like her, huh?", Slash asked him.

"Yeah, I do. Now will y'all stop asking so many goddamn questions!", Duff yelled.

"Ok, ok, no need to get your panties in a twist.", Axl chuckled. The girls soon walked out with a few bags of clothes, and all the guys shut up quickly.

"What?", Bella asked, while we were silently starting at them.

"Nothing, are you girls ready to go?", Duff asked walking over towards Madi to help her with her bags. I slowly made my way over to Bella, also helping her with her bags. We all started walking towards our apartment.

"Bella?", I asked.

"Yeah?", she replied. I looked down into those dark blue eyes, she was so beautiful, it didn't seem as though she could even be real.

"Will you go out with me tomorrow night?"

She smiled, "Of course." She stopped walking and leaned up to wrap her arms around my neck, followed by a kiss. Her lips were addicting and I simply couldn't get enough of her.

"C'mon let's go home.", I said while smirking and starting to walk with her hand in mine.

A/N: Ok, so Bella and Madi might move in, and Izzy is taking Bella out. What do you guys think? Sorry that this one is so short, the next one will be longer (that's a promise). If you like or you don't, please vote and comment. I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading! :)

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