3 Set fire to the rain and his favorite boxers

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( At Nick's House )

" Wow great place." I say in awe at the 3 story condo.

Ok the acohol is getting to me for real now. I'm being nice to a man who techniquely just kidnapped me.

" Thanks Jenn. Come on let's get you inside." he says scooping we out of the back seat.

Once we make it inside he sets me down on the couch.

" Do you have any spare clothes? " I ask dying to get out my dress.

" Uhh yea sure. And showers this way." he says going to I'm guessing his room and handing me sweat pants and beatles shirt.

I notice the boxers have red and black hearts and I try not to laugh.

I thank him and make my way to the room he left out of.

Taking a quick shower I think about the whole day.

I still can't beilive it happened. And I ended up at a not so strangers house in the end.

I walk out the shower and put on my PJ's.

Stepping out the bath I bump into something hard.

" Oh. Sorry." I say rubbing my head.

I look up and see Nick with no shirt on with just boxers.

God how wanted to run my hands down his chest and into his pants.

Ok this is the acohol speaking.

" It's cool Jenni. You ready?" he ask grabbing my hand and pulling me towards his king size bed.

" For what?" I ask confused.

" To tell me why you were in a wedding dress, and why you were beating up a random persons car." he says in a duh tone.

Tears ran down my face from him bringing it up. I didn't want to talk about it.

" Hey I was only joking about calling the police. Don't cry, I hated seeing you cry and I still do." he says wiping away my tears and pulling me on the bed next to him.

I cried harder remembering how much of a crybaby I was in high school.

Him and Jim would pick on me all the time and Nick would always be the first one to apologize.

" Well the dress is because I was married for an hour, and then I got a divorce." I say turning to face him.

" How were you married for an hour?" he ask confused.

I sighed and debated on telling him. In school I could tell him anything, but it was different now.

" My husband cheated on me with my cousin in the supply closet." I say laughing. It sounded so ridiculous I just had to laugh.

" Who would ever cheat on you? Your amazing." he said grabbing my chin.

Before I could respond he kissed me.

I reluctantly pulled away and looked at him confused.

" What was that for?" I ask mentally slapping myself for stopping.

" Something I should have done years ago." I he says pulling me on top of him.

His green eyes sparkled with a mischievous glint and I like it.

This time I didn't stop him, but leaned down and smashed my lips onto his.

He licked my bottom lip for entrance and I slowly opened my mouth.

I trailed my hands down his perfect chest and he moaned in pleasure.

He broke the kiss only for a second and quickly pulled my shirt off, and flipped us over so he was on top.

Trailing kisses down my neck he used his hands to unhook my bra.

I moaned loudly as he swirled his tongue around my nipple.

I can't believe I was doing this. Sure me and Jim had done it before but that was nothing compared to this.

I guess I was just so mad at Jim for what he did I needed to take it out on something, or someone.

I pulled at edge of his boxers and pulled them down in excitement.

His manhood was huge and I stroked it feeling it grow hard against my thigh.

I gasped as his long tongue flicked my other breast and entered his mouth.

" Nick I need you right now." I moaned running my hands through his black hair.

I couldn't control myself any longer. I needed him inside me.

He grabbed a condom from under pillow and slipped it on.

" This might hurt a little." he says putting my hands on his arms to hold on to.

I nodded not caring. I helped him pull off my pants and slid my lace panties down throwing them to the floor.

Then he eased his way inside me slowly.

Gripping his arms for support I throw my head back yelling in pleasure.

" Shh" he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

" Nick!" I moaned digging my nails into his arm.

I climaxed with him inside me and he came seconds later.

He slid himself out and laid next to me pulling me close. Oh god what did I just do.

" Get some sleep Jenni." Nick says putting his arms around me.

I close my eyes forgetting about what happened earlier that day and feel asleep listening to our heart beats thumping together.


I woke up with a killer headache and my body was sore.

What the hell happened?

I looked up at the ceiling and didn't recognize it. Feeling a breeze I looked down and saw I was naked.

Was I at Jim's house? Did we do it after the wedding?

I looked over and saw my wedding dress on the floor.

Looking around everything looked unfamiliar. I got up and spotted pictures on a dresser.

It was a picture of me, Jim, and...Nick? From high school?

I don't remember Jim having this picture. Memories from last night came crashing down.

It was like a slap in the face and I stumbled back knocking down a chair in surprise.

I fucked Jim's best friend last night! Oh god no!

But he cheated on me on our wedding day. He deserves it.

I look down at see something shiny on the carpet. Curiosity getting the better of me I pick it up and gasp.

It's a engagement ring. Nick's engagement ring.

( To be continued........)

( Ooooooooh!! What's going to happen?

How was that? Sorry it was first time writing something like that.

It was hella awkward writing that kind of scene and I gotta go to school tomorrow I hope my friends don't kill me.

Tell me what you think so I can right the rest! Love y'all vote comment and Eat Chocolate!!


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