Chapter 5

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Life After Death

Chapter Five, Agnes,

I woke with a start, it was twelve at night and I had sworn I heard a voice calling my name. And then I realized it was the guy in my dream he usually didn't talk though so I guess that's why it startled me. I needed to know who he was so desperately I'd do anything just to get info. So I got up from my bed and started toward the exit. I couldn't sleep, I had too many questions spinning round and round in my head. Who was he? Do I know him? Will we ever meet?

I then walked down stairs into the kitchen to retrieve a glass of water. Then I went back up to my room. I decided to go threw my belongings and maybe decide what to wear tomorrow for my first day of school. I opened my white as snow dresser and started rummaging threw it. I came across some white skinny jeans, a white T and some white boots plus a plain white jean jacket. Then I came across a black friendship bracelet with white poke dots, it had three names on it including mine. The names were, August and Rory. Do I know them? I decided I'd wear it tomorrow as well then finally drifted back into a deep sleep.


I woke with a start, I had a dream it was about the girl in the picture, she was asking me not to leave her. She wanted me to stay there with her so desperately it for some reason broke my heart to disappoint her. Then I remember that schools tomorrow. So I got up and gathered up my clothes I wanted to wear. I decided to wear a white T and white jeans with white high-tops and a white leather jacket. Then I came across a white with black spots friendship neckless. It had three names including mine. The names are, Agnes and Rory. Who are they? do I know them? I decided to give my brain a rest. I decided to wear the neckless tomorrow and headed off to sleep.


I woke from a dream abruptly and almost fell out of bed.

I had a dream about a boy and a girl and they were calling to me and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't reach them, and even now I had an urge to go and try to find them. I decided to get my outfit prepared for school tomorrow. I decided on a pare of white skinny jeans and a white ruffly T-shirt plus a pare of white boots. I also decided to wear my friendship bracelet I found earlier. Then exhaustion took over and I went back to bed.


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