spencer and toby love story: the carpenter.

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"hello Toby! welcome to the first day on the job. if you'd like my daughter Spencer can make you something for your break." I can hear my dad say from out the window. I'm busy reading son I'm not making anyone anything. the new carpenter is probably a weirdo who's 40 or something. hmm.... I wonder if he is? so I go look threw the window and there is some hot guy who looks like hes just a little older then me. (1 hour later) "I'm kinda tired. um can I take a break?" he asks my dad. "ya of course! would you like something to eat or drink?" asks my dad. "um ya. a cheese sandwich is fine." he said. "Spencer!" my dad yells. "coming!" I say. he asks my to make him a sandwich then forwards forming to come in. he walks in shirtless and sweaty. he also looked shocked when he saw me. I made him the sandwich and sat down with him. "so... how old are you?" he asks me. "17." I reply. "oh cool. I'm 19." he says. so hes not to old for me "so whats your name?" I ask even tho I heard. "Toby. and your name is Spencer?" he says. "well I should probably go take a bath now. bye!" I say. he waves and when hes done he Sits there for a minute and goes back outside. I am in the middle of a bubble bath just relaxing and bubble way we have 2 bathrooms both with no lock. Toby walks in and i cover myself with bubbles. he rubs the back of his head, closes the door, and walks out. "sorry I didn't know you where in there" he said after walking out. 

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