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"Please, please don't do this!" I cried, as a tear slid down my face. "How could you! You know how much this place means to me!" my blue sweater draped further down my shoulder as I hoped for the news I had just received to be a lie.

"Honey, this place means lots to us to, but we can't just put your dad's work on hold because of a house!" My mother exclaimed as her arms crossed over her chest.

"Just a house?" I scoffed. " we've been living in this house since Carson was born! We have made all our memories here! but it's not like you really care because you were never there to make them! it's not just a house to me! When Carson got sick, I had nobody! This house was all I had, I can't just give it up." My voice became shaky with every word I spoke.

" You wouldn't have this house if we didn't work! We pay the bills!" she proclaimed in frustration.

" What's the point of paying for a house if your never there to live in it? Carson practically raised me! you shouldn't even call yourselves parents! I can now physically see that I don't have any, Carson was the real parent, and he's GONE!" I screamed.

I watched slowly as my mothers hand came up connecting to my cheek, I stumble back a few steps surprised by her actions.

" Did you just slap me?" I practically growled. " I would say that your actions were out of anger, but you never did love me, or Carson for that matter." I said through gritted teeth.

" Raven! " My father said, " Don't talk to your mother like that! " I just gazed up at him incredulously.

" Look who decided to join in the conversation? did you not just witness the slap she gave me? it wasn't that
hard to miss there pal. " I told him.

" Raven, I suggest you leave. " My father told me while clenching his hands.

I grabbed my suitcase and started heading to the door but turned around and quickly added, " Thanks Dan! Thank you Martha! Bravo! Bravo! Do give yourselves a pat on the back! " with that I turned and slammed the door shut.


I walked down the familiar streets of my neighbourhood, aimlessly, not having anything to do.

As I made my way down another sidewalk my gaze caught a store ahead so I made my way over.

Opening the door the bells rung letting the people inside know of my presents.

Walking over to the candy section of the store I grabbed my favourite, being none other then M&M's and made my way up to the cashier.

The lady behind the counter was smacking what appeared to be gun as her manicured nails tapped the counter impatiently. once it was my turn I put my M&M's on the counter reaching out two grab two dollars.

"That will be 2.25 please. " the lady told me.

" I only have two dollars, could you maybe just let it go this once? " I asked.

The lady just scoffed. " we're not a charity bank! if you don't have the money move along! " Her voice pierced throughout the room.

I looked around and my eyes landed on a money slot where people put down a few coins In case anyone else needs them, I pick up 25 cents and slap it down on the counter, " There, you happy? " I asked tilting my head to the side.

" That's pathetic! you can't even pay for some candy! " The lady said but took it anyway.

" Well I'm sorry! maybe you should try wiping off the lip stick Barbie before you start going and judging! " the woman gasped but before she had the chance to reply I took MY candy out of her hands and headed out the door.

I ripped the pack of heavenly goodness open, stuffing them in my mouth. I sat on a corner crossed legged while gazing up at the cloudy sky.

I jumped as I heard a honk come from my left. Startled by the sudden noise, my head bashed against the wooden fence.

Bringing my hand up I rubbed it in an attempt to make the pain go away.

In the midst of doing this I failed to notice the sleek black car pulling up to the curb. the tinted windows slowly rolled down revealing a man who appeared in his mid twenties.

" You miss. " he paused, " need to get in. " he pointed to the back seats.

I chuckled at the man before sitting up brushing the grass off my jeans. "Listen, your not getting me in that. " I said pointing to the vehicle. "Even if you were fricken Adam Levine in swim trunks. " I picked up my suit case and began walking away, but not without hearing the man say to someone else,

"Get her."

*•*Authors note*•*

Thanks for reading!

This is not edited, I'm a human, which means I'm not perfect so grammar is also not going to be perfect.

This is also a 'vampire' related book, so if you have a problem with these kind of books, don't read it, it's your choice though!

You would be helping out a needy author if you do end up reading!!

And yes, there will be LOTS of sarcasm in this book, I like it when books make people laugh so why don't I give it a try?

Any who! if your still reading this,

Thank you, :-) makes me happy I'm not just writing this for myself!!

Love ya!

~ Emma :-)

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