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"Hello, fellow." Mrs. Jen tilts her head back looking up at Luke. She's smiling. Luke's dressed quite well for fishing. He's wearing a grey t-shirt with a darker grey jacket, and some nice, very fitting pair of jeans.

"I'm sorry," He steps aside, allowing room for her to pass. 

"No, dear. It's fine." She strides past him. His charm has strucken her too. 

He smiles down at her, a bright smile.  

"Hey, come in." Ana welcomes him in. I knot my fingers together. 

He steps in and stands by the door. "Hi," He looks at me.

"Hi," I whisper. Ana's staring at us from the side.

"Are you two ready?" He looks at Ana.

"Um, how did you get here?" I ask remebering that I didn't give him our address.

He laughs. "I have my ways." I look at Ana. What?

She shrugs. "I think we are ready. Tess?" I nod.

"You aren't going in those are you?" He says looking from me to Ana.

"Yeah," Me and Ana say in unison.

"That won't do. Do you two have any rubbers?" He asks.

Ana burst out in a fit of laughter, my face becomes heated. He just stands there, poker-faced. Doesn't he realise what he just said?

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Ana tries to stop laughing, failing awkwardly.

"We don't, actually." I say.

"Neither of them." Ana says between breaths.

He looks at her with a curious look. "Okay, I'll get you two a pair on the way."

My eyes widen. "Oh, no. There's no need for that. My shoes are fine." I look down at my converse and back up at him.

"No, trust me. It's fine I can afford them." He says. 

Finally Ana has calmed herself, she's all breathy but calmer. "I can pay."

"No, I can pay for my stuff and Ana you can pay for yours."


"No, Ana. I can." I say nodding my head, trying to get her to shut up.

"Okay." Luke holds his hands up in defeat. "Are we ready?"

"Yeah." Ana says. I grab my phone and purse off the couch. 

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