I laughed at Adrian as he ate his food we decided to have lunch together.

Okay so did you talk to Des? I asked.

We're having dinner tonight. He smirked.

Just dinner nothing else. I smiled.

Yeah sure. He nodded.

I giggled my phone went off in my purse I fished for it,  it was August.

Autumn. Hey baby

August. Hey, you still at lunch

Autumn. Yeah, what's up

August. Nothing I'm at my mama house can you come over

Autumn. Uh yeah I guess

August. Alright I love you

Autumn. I love you too

I hung up and put my phone back in my bag I picked it up.

I have to go call me and tell me about the date even though I know she will call me and tell me about it. I said.

I got up and hugged him I walked to my car and got in and sped off to August's mom's house.

I pulled up on the curb and got out of the car I locked the doors and went up to the door and went inside.

Hey. I said closing the door.

Hi. Mama said.

I hugged her then went over to August and hugged and kissed him then sat down.

So what's up? I asked.

August told me about the whole baby thing and..

I zoned her out I mean I said I didn't want kids and I really don't want to talk about it anymore babies are a no for me right now every.

Autumn. August said.

Huh? I asked.

Did you hear that? He asked.

Yeah but I have to go um I have a photo shoot. I said and ran out I got in my car.


I took my baked mac and chesse out the stove August has been blowing my phone up I don't see why he just won't come home.

Autumn. He said.

And there he goes. I said low.

He walked in and threw his hands up and sat at the island.

You didn't see me calling me? He asked.

I did. I replied.

And you didn't answer? And why did you run out my mama house like that? He asked.

I took the yams and put them on the table and I put the mad and chesse on there too.

I had to go. I said.

Autumn. He said.

August y'all want to talk about babies I don't I'm not too excited about the topic. I said.

But did you have to run out like that? He asked.

August.. I didn't have to no but I did I'm not up for a baby now drop it. I replied.

Drop it? Fine I'll drop it never bring it up again. He said and got up and left out.

I sighed and took the pork chops out and put it on the table my phone rang I picked it up Destiny's face flashed across my screen.

A. Hey girl

D. Your friend is wonderful his so Sweet and cute and a gentlemen

A. Is that right

D. Yea but I'll give you the details tomorrow have to go

She hung up I laughed and finished getting dinner ready.

I pulled my hair up and walked out the bathroom Aug was laying on the bed flipping through channels dinner was silent and he hasn't said shit to me.

Aug. I said.

He didn't look at me I sighed and got in the bed he turned the TV off and turned the light out I rolled my eyes and got under the covers and fell asleep.

I rolled over and opened my eyes August wasn't there I got up and went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and washed my face. I looked out the window August was playing basketball with Adrian and Destiny was laying back reading a magazine I giggled. Adrian and August talking? I got in the shower after 15 minutes I got out and put on lotion and deodorant. I got dressed in White shorts, Turquoise cami, White sandals. I left my hair out and put on pearl earrings and sprayed on perfume. I went downstairs and poured me some OJ and went outside.

Good morning sleepy head. Des smiled.

Good morning. I said.

The boys looked back August turned back but Adrian hugged me I scrunched my face up.

Boy you sweaty. I said.

He laughed I walked over to Aug I know he still ain't mad he looked at me I puckered my lips out he rolled his eyes and gave me a quick peck I gave him a stale face. I sat my juice down on the table and ran over and jumped on him.

Give me a kiss. I whined.

He was sweaty but I wanted my kiss he finally gave me a kiss I smiled and sat down with Des.

Hey girly. I said.

Morning sexy. She said.

How did this Happen? I asked gesturing towards Aug and Adrian.

Right I don't really know. She laughed.

What's up with you and Aug? She asked.

The baby thing came back up I just don't want to talk about it with him he knows it maybe just maybe a baby just one may come but its rare. I stated.

Autumn you sound stupid that man wants to have a baby with you he wants to and you talking about its rare. She said.

Destiny I just don't want a baby. I said.

Autumn that makes no sense you just its something else. She said.

No. I said.

Yes. She said.

I rolled my eyes and sipped my juice getting annoyed.

I am your friend you can tell me anything. She said.

Not everything. I mumbled.

What? She asked.

Nothing. I said.

Autumn. She said.


Everybody Looked at I looked at Aug as he looked confused I bite my gum. I ran in the house and upstairs I closed the door and locked it.




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