Chapter one

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Chapter one

    Beau ghosted his fingertips gingerly over the cool cream colored piano keys, big blue eyes searching for the missing note that stopped within every play.

      Beau was growing rather frustrated, the foreign abuse of the piano mocked him and deprived him of achieving the simplicity of a song that he’d grown quite fond of humming to himself in class. Out of nowhere, the song had randomly danced through his ear around his head behind his pale royal blue wandering eyes.

    His black curly hair rolled and dripped down his face like ebony smoke, framing him angelically. It was one of the wonders of his life, his good looks. There was no denying it, it didn’t give him a big head, no.

      He didn’t think he was better than anybody he just acknowledged it, a note to be taken from the countless girls itching to put there hands on him. Not that he cared, after all, Beau was and will always be gay. Unfortunately, the small beloved home-town he’d grown up in and had become accustom to was lacking.

So Beau is seventeen, never been kissed, never had a boyfriend and he’d never even initially been touched by a boy in his entire life. Not the way he preferred, not the way he longed for. Beau fingered at a key and wince, frowning in annoyance, absolute disgust.

It was wrong, it was all undeniably wrong. Beau growled under his breathe, “you’ve got to be-” he started rather callously until he heard the small chime of the belle and frowned. Beau stopped for a small heart beat of a moment.

The book store was quiet and Beau strained to listen for customers, Beau stood slowly, looking just barely over the railing before something whizzed past his face silently startling him and making him hit the floor in alarm. He looked back, startled.

A dart was stabbed into the nearby wall, Beau gasped and hurled himself up, scampering along the floor and then crawling behind the sofa. “Up the stairs” was passed around like a chant below, there where many of them.

Beau couldn’t understand what was happening, not at all. Pulling himself up briskly he sprinted through the aisles to the other side, why were they coming after him? One moment everything was blissful and calm and the next he’s suddenly under attack, and for what?

He’d done nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing, he’d spent the entire winter hiding away at the bookshop, practicing his instruments, tutoring or well-sleeping. Was any of that illegal? No.

So what was this charade about? At least they weren’t using bullets, just darts. Be optimistic Beau, he thought to himself. This was weird, not just because he hadn’t done anything but because of this town.

A sleepy old town no tourists come to with a population of 130, business is slow, no one leaves and no one comes down that road. It’s incredibly boring, so he must have caught some massive attention if they drag themselves to the middle of freaking no where to retrieve him.

He had to get out, he kept reminding himself. Scrapping, he rounded the corner and hopped behind another sofa. Chuckling humorously when he heard the humble, “fuck he’s as agile as a fucking cat!” as if.

He’d been moving rather slowly, he’d thought. Apparently they weren't prepared to handle him, it was almost amusing. How out of shape are they? He thought cheekily, he’d been lounging around all day, never exercising. Now he was just embarrassed for them.

Beau crept around the sofa, crawling towards the vent remembering properly he’d been able to fit into it when he’d had to retrieve a loose animal that had wandered into it overnight somehow at one point during winter break.

Just as his fingers scraped the cool metal, something sharp pinched his shoulder blade and he flinched, angry at himself for being careless. He should have checked or carried a pillow of some sort to block the hit.

Unconsciously, blue eyes drooping lazily as a sort of euphoric sensation rippling through him and dulling his senses, making his muscles turn to jelly. His bones were noodles and he lay there, half awake, half asleep.

Blue eyes dazed, bemusedly searching the specks of dust falling through the light spectrum onto the polished wooden floors. A set of arms lifted him from the floor, cradling him close as they carried him.

        Everything was dark, he was moving but he was laying so he assumed he was in a vehicle. There was another sharp pinch in his arm and his breath hitched in delight at the delicious simplicity depriving him so generously of reality,

     that in his mind, he was numb, floating in the universe, darkness consuming him. With that liquid squeezing into his veins he wasn’t in a van with strangers, kidnapped.

     Beau swam with the stars, arching and diving. Enthralled and shipped into a world one could only dream of, wishing to himself, if only he’d done this sooner. What had taken them so long?

    Until he awoke, he awoke with a startling pain in his gut and a fierce throbbing in his head. Beau glared ahead, hissing at the brisk unsettling light flashed in the sweet blue of his eyes. “Oh yes, he’s definitely the one” an older, cracked feminine voice chuckled at his reaction.

      The one? Beau squeezed his eyes shut and wet his lips, his voice hoarse “who are you?” he was aware of how many eyes where trained on him. “Alex Dundan, you must be-” he paused,

     expectantly and Beau heard the familiar clicking of the camera setting on, he turned his eyes to the camera standing in the corner. They where filming this? “Why am I here?” they stared at him blankly.

     Frowning Beau looked around, “Is this a prank because I don’t get it.” There was chuckling but when Beau looked at them seriously they stopped and looked around at each other uneasily,

      “He doesn’t know.” was the only thing spoken, Beau ground out “Damn right I don’t know and I’d appreciate it if someone fucking explained this to me.” “are you sure?” “Of course I’m sure! How dare you!” the woman growled back at the uncertainty.

      Bewildered, Beau stared at the posse blatantly expecting some sort of explanation. “Hold on” the woman turned around and rummaged in a box before pulling out a case, Beau frowned, watching as she opened it to see a gem.

     “How old did you say you where boy?” she asked him, “I didn’t” she glared and Beau sighed, “seventeen” rather impatiently.  They all stared at him strangely, “Impossible. He’s not the one.”

     What was all this chatter about the one?! “Are you questioning my power?” the woman snarled in his face, glaring at the taller man. Without allowing him to answer, the woman turned around to face a very bemused Beau.

    “What are you doing?” Beau looked from the gem, the very sharp gem, and then back up at the womans face. “You wolf hasn’t been summoned yet, we need to awaken him.” Beau stared at her in horror “you’re crazy!”

      Swiftly, without giving Beau time to react, she stabbed the chunk of gem into his chest, between his collar bones and twisted. Pain thrashed through Beau and he screamed in alarm, clenching his fist around the chains and screaming.

     His scream turned quickly into a life changing, ground shaking, earth shattering, blood curdling rawr that halted all movement, all breathe. His blue eyes glowing obsidian, kanines bared at her angrily.

       “What did I tell you?” the woman cackled, Beau pulled restlessly at the chains. Unable to control the urge to tare them limb from limb, he wanted to kill them. Never in his life had he imagined such blood lust.

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