Fell for one, slept with all:A youtuber fanfic. Chapter three

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Chapter three

I shot straight up, screaming. I immediately wish I hadn’t screamed  so loud, or at all. I had a nightmare about Ace, it was terrifying. I’m not even going into detail about what it was about. I realized that I was crying, not just crying, sobbing, I heard running from the boys bedrooms, but all I could focus on was the fading memory of the nightmare and the pounding of my heart. The first one to burst through the door was Ricky, followed by all the others.

“Jade, what’s wrong” Conner asked looking concerned, a completely different than it usually was.

“Nightmare, huh” Ricky said walking over. I just nodded, I wasn’t able to talk through my sobs. He came and sat beside me, wrapping his strong arms around me. Then I realised he was shirtless.

“You got everything under control” Kian asked Ricky nodding towards me.

“Yeah” he answered after a second. Everyone walked away except Ricky.

“Shhh” he whispered rocking me back and forth on his lap. After a few minutes I recovered and stopped sobbing.

“The nightmare was about Ace wasn’t it” he asked setting me back on the couch. I nodded nuzzling my head into his chest.

“Thank you Ricky, I’m sorry that I woke everyone up” I said, finally finding my voice. He ran his hands through my hair. Then out of nowhere he kissed me, it wasn’t hard or seductive, it was soft and sweet.When Ricky released me, we both smiled, and he went to leave.

“Wait, please don’t go” I whispered. He looked at me happily, and lifted me off the couch and carried me to his bedroom. Then I noticed, he was not only shirtless, the only thing he was wearing were boxers, pickle boxers. He smiled devilishly, I tried to look frightened, but laughed instead. Play growling he threw me onto the bed, I layed on my stomach  facing him. This is much better than being on the couch, all alone. He smiled a big grin and layed down next to me, he pulled me up next to him. I immediately tensed up, then released the tension and went with it.

“Jade” he whispered “If you move into this house, a word of warning, all the other guys are as much in like with you as I am, even Kian” his whispered words echoed around in my head for a minute before I answered. “What do you mean in like’ I whispered back.

“Well, have only known you for twenty hours, so we aren’t in love quite yet, but in like, yeah, we all like you a lot” he laughed quietly at his answer.

“You know what would suck, if I had to pick between all of you” I shuddered. He nodded in understanding.

“Also, when I got out of the bathroom, Kian was on his bed crying” I said, dreading the response from Ricky finding out that I kissed Kian.

“I know Jade, you kissed him on the cheek, he told me. I understand, he said that the kiss was friendly, not romantic” he said looking at me with complete trust. I nodded, smiling.

“I knew you’d understand, I can kind of feel the in like in the air. I also get a lot of flirty smiles” she said.

“Well trust me, you're gonna get a lot more than flirty, especially from Sam, he’s a little inappropriate” I laughed into his shoulder.

“We should get some sleep, tomorrow I have to go shopping with you guys, and shopping is exhausting” I smiled. He nodded and yawned really loud. Snuggling up to his chest I sighed with happiness, he looked down and whispered goodnight. I reached up and pulled his head down, I kissed him long and hard. After we pulled apart he left only a centimeter in between them. I tucked my head into the crook of his neck, inhaling his light cologne. I fell asleep that way.

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