A tall man in a long lab coat came rushing around the corner quickly, catching everyone in the rooms attention.

     "Jensen!" A large scruffy man seated at the head of the table exclaimed, "What are you doing interrupting, this is a very important meeting!" The man was starting to get very angry, his face was turning red and a vein in his neck was bulging out.

     The meeting had been about the most important business offer he has had yet. He and the CEO of Intec the most important lab around, were going to join forces, making them even more unstoppable.

     "The Mutation machine has broken," The man by the name of Jensen gasped out, "That's not the worst of it Mr.States, the girl was inside of it when it malfunctioned."

     The Mutation Artificial Intelligence machine, or MAI was a billion dollar machine that has taken ten years to build has apparently had a major malfunction. It was Alastor States pride and joy, the machine that mutated and tested his poor subjects.

     "What girl Jensen, tell me now!" Alastor states screamed. Now he was fuming, if it was who he thought it was, he would wreak terror among the lab. She was the most important, the natural born leader of the group of six though the youngest, the only one that hadn't escaped.

     "Subject 1," Jansen whispered, only enough so the guests seated in the meeting room hadn't heard. It was who Alastor had thought it was. 

     Alastor states took Jensen by the collar of his lab coat and led him outside of the room. He pushed Jensen up against the wall.

     "You do know what this means Jensen," Alastor said in an eerily calm voice, "We were so close to discovering her abilities, but we might never know what that machine has done to her."

     "Sir," Jensen started, "She looks the same, no injuries that we know of, but the pain was so immense she is currently unconscious." Jensen looked extremely frightened.

     "Not that you dingbat!," Alastor was trembling with anger, "The machine has mutated her powers, her abilities! We might never know what she can do!"

     At this time another man in a lab coat came rushing towards them. Alastor's grip on Jensen loosened. 

     "She... subject 1 has escaped sir, she's gone," The unknown scientist said fearing for his life. he cowered away from Alastor.

     "We will find her," Alastor stated again in the eerily calm voice, " Gather the guards, we will look for years if we have to, we don't know how much power that little ten year old has." With that Alastor States stalked off angrily.

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