Chapter 9

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Kian's POV

Kylie is not really friends with Connor, Ricky, or Kathryn so I decided we would go do our own thing.

"Where do you want to go first?" I ask Kylie as she looks around the outdoor mall.

"How about Top Shop?" She points to the store up some stairs. I nod and we go towards the store. We enter and I follow behind her as she searches through the racks.

"Kian?" A small voice says behind me. My head turn to see a girl who looks maybe 16 with long dirty blonde hair.

"Hi," I smile brightly at the girl.

"I-I'm a big fa-fan! Could I get a pi-cture?" she stutters pulling her phone out of her back pocket.

"What's going on?" Kylie asks resting her hand on my shoulder.

"She just wants a quick picture." I step away from Kylie and hand her the girls phone. My left arm wraps around the girl's waist and we smile for the picture.
Kylie snaps the picture and the girl thanks us and leaves.

"I'm going to go try these on," Kylie informs me holding up some clothes.

She skips off to the dressing room and I patiently wait. Now I'm kind of regretting bringing Kylie. I should be with Kathryn, not her.


After a couple of hours of shopping and eating, Kylie and I go back to the apartment to pick up Kathryn and drive back home.

"Hey strangers," Ricky teases when we come in the apartment.

"Ready to go?" I ask Kathryn who is sitting on the couch with the guys watching a movie.

"It's barely four o'clock?"

"Kylie has to be somewhere."

Kathryn shoots me an 'are you serious face' before standing up with an eye roll.

"Bye guys!" Ricky and Connor say pausing the movie.

We all say bye back and leave.

"Did you have a nice time today?" I ask Kylie who is sitting next to me in the passenger seat.

"Yes it was lovely, thank you." I see Kathryn roll her eyes in the review mirror, what's her problem?

Kathryn's POV

After the miserable car ride of having to listen to Kian and Kylie flirt, we finally got home. The first thing I did when I got back is call Kelsee.

"Hey Kelsee can you come over?" I ask once she answers.

"Yeah. Be there in 10." The line goes dead and I wait by scrolling through Instagram.

A picture that catches my eye is one of Kylie and Kian in some store. The caption says "shopping with this goober." Goober? Since when does he call anyone but me goober? Ever since we were younger he's called me that for some reason I don't know.

"Hey hey!" Kelsee hollers coming into my room.

"Hi!" I smile and we sit across from each other on my bed.

"So what's up?" she questions rubbing her leg. I fall back with a groan.

"Kian!" I wail rubbing my temples.

"Yesterday when we were in LA I told him I had feeling for him." Kelsee is completely shocked.

"WHAT!?" She screams as I sit back up.

"During a truth or dare video for Ricky's channel I had to kiss Kian and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Eventually, I admitted to myself I liked him and I told him I did. He said he had feelings for me to and we kissed. But then today he brought stupid Kylie with us to LA!" I babble, talking with my hands.

"Hold up. You're telling me that you and Kian both confessed you liked each other more than friends and kissed, and then he takes Kylie with you guys to LA?!"

I nod in response and Kelsee sighs.

"Boys are stupid," she states and we laugh. Sometimes it's nice to have a girl friend to talk to.

Out of the blue my phone begins to ring.

"Who is it?" Kelsee asks. My hand searches for the phone and I pick it up to read the called ID.

"My dad?" I reply confused. The phone continues to ring and I debate if I should answer it or not.

"I haven't talked to him since my parents got divorced when I was 10."

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