I sat with my cigarette in my mouth. camera in hand, I didn't like taking pictures for Paps or doing interviews and snooping but whatever.

I got out of my car and made sure nothing was on my pants. Or any of my clothes.

I gripped my camera and clipped my mic onto my shirt and threw away my cigarette.

( OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/merediths_work_outfit/set?id=122179358 )

I walk up to a check in booth and into the hallway if interviewers.

I walk to a sign that says 'ILLUME' 'Meredith Belware'

yes our company is named after the illuminate that all celebrities are supposedly in.

I look at the mirror and make sure my bunned up hair is messy but neat all at once and me white peplum shirt with a black bow as my black skinny pants and red heels are all nice. ( http://www.polyvore.com/merediths_work_outfit/set?id=122179358 )

I reapply my red lipstick and sit in a stool and wait for them to tell me who I'm interviewing.

I've probably interviewed whoever before. I've met almost everybody who's anybody but I am not sure why they would come to Ireland.

Like who likes it in Kenmare.

I felt like so many people came here for festivals and such so whatever. I guess it was okay.

A man in a suit and headset walks up as I'm setting up me camera. "Hello" he pauses setting down a dolly carrying 5 chairs

"Umm . . .Meredith is it," he starts to unstack the chairs "you will be interviewing One Direction"

Cool, I've only interviewed them like 5 times. Well not really I've interviewed them in two sets. Once Harry and Liam and another time Naill, Louis, and Zayn.

"Okay thanks. How long do I have them?" I walk over to my phone and ask twitter what they want to know about the 5 boys.

"About an hour" the man finished with the chairs and mics. "Okay thank you" I say as he walks out the door.

"5 minutes until interviews start!" people start running down the hallway and I check my appearance one last time and grab my phone and sit down.

My twitter @meridethillume (idk if that's real) was blowing up with questions.

I was looking through them when I heard people running down the hallway and then the boys came in.

"Hello!" Louis yells and pulls me up to shake my hand. I stand and say hello and shake their hands and we all sit.

I check to see if the camera is filming and we get the interview started.

"Okay so the fans want to know, who's dating?" I ask. None of the boys speak. "So everyone's single? What about Perry and Danielle or Eleanor?"

(Ps idk if spelling is right. But I really don't care about the girls and they have no role here so whatever. )

Zayn was first to speak "Well Perry wasn't who I thought she was and we ended it" Liam speaks next "well me and lou's girls didn't work either so were all single"

"Well sorry to hear that boys. So, what do you guys want your next song to go big be?"

Harry instantly has an answer "half a heart, I feel like it's such a good song" "little black lies is intense, that would be awesome" Zayn agrees

"I think Dont forget where you belong" Naill and Liam say in unison. "I don't have an answer, but I guess Dana" Louis says.

About 5 hours and 8 celebrities later I am done. I walk out to my car and open it to load my stuff into the back.

I open the door and hear screaming

"MER!" I see 5 boys run towed me. "hey?" I ask and Harry runs up to me and grabs my shoulders


"Okay? get in I guess" the boys jump in and I throw my stuff in the back as the fans get closer.

"GET IN" Zayn pushes me into the drivers side and hops in behind me and I drive away.

"So um... where do you want me to take you?" I ask trying to drive as calmly as possible. Naill picks up his phone and calls someone.

After the call he whispers to Liam. "Umm missed our flight home" Liam states. "So...where do I take you?" I look at him in the rear view mirror.

"I guess back to your place. If that's ok"

Naill looks at me. "Wait, this is Kenmare isn't it?" He hops a bit in his seat

"Ya. I guess you came here before?" I pull onto the street where my little house was.

"Ya as a kid I came a few times" He unbuckles as I pull into the garage

"Well make yourselves comfortable"

<Song: Little Things>


You guys like? So Adriana Lima (I think that is her name) is Meredith and ya.

The title should be Chapter 1: Im in the Illuminate. but it wont work so ya

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